Grateful Heart

A heart can be so grateful when you are blessed with so many wonderful people and great things. If it is truly a grateful heart, it can feel joy as gifts are recieved and have the willingness to also do the same for others.

Today I have a very grateful heart. So many Blessings have entered my life, that for a moment, I forgot to be grateful. That is something I should never forget to be. Life gets in the way at times of how we should truly feel and that’s when I must check my own heart. Should I ever forget what it’s like to be without or wanting, God please remind me. I have learned the importance of being Thankful, Grateful. There are times that we do without or long for, and then we receive the gifts or blessings. What an honor to be on the recieving end. What joy and happiness. Blessings….Yes, they come because of the Father’s Love over us.

Grateful, what does it mean exactly? For me personally, it means to never take anything for granted. Not one thing My Father does for me, should ever go unnoticed, uncared for, unwanted, ungrateful. I can recieve great blessings and forget about the small ones. I know this isn’t what He wants at all. He wants to be Thanked for everyone of them. All the way down to the little butterfly flying before your very eyes. Oh the little God Kisses, as I call them. Don’t they just wam you heart.

Grateful, yes, today I am Grateful. Grateful I have a whole new website, a new Blog site and a New Beginning in so many things. Yes, I have been blessed. Blessed beyond Belief. I have a new publisher, motovational coach, speak trainer and a new computer technologist!! Three books out and published. A journey I wouldn’t of never thought possible, if it were not for God almighty opening all the correct doors. Grateful!!! Oh Yes I am!!! To a God that Loves me for who I am and who He wants me to be.

May you find within your heart today, Gratefulness. Blessings beyond your imagination. Love that is unexplainable from your Heavenly Father.

Blessings my friends. You are so worth it!

Tonni Lea Larson/

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