Alejandro Quintero Rosales – The Healing Conference, Grand Junction, CO 2023

Alejandro Quintero Rosales came here with his family from Tennessee. I first met Alejandro Quintero Rosales down in San Antonio. And I tell you what, we sat by each other, and I just kept trying to encourage and inspire him. I’m just proud of you. Very, very proud.

Thank you, and I love your story. Thank you.

All right, so how many of you guys are ready to hear my story? I want to start by giving you guys an imaginary picture. Imagine yourself as a little kid, playing on the ground with your favorite toy. Then all of a sudden, your mom comes up to you and says, ‘Hey, we gotta start packing. It’s time for us to move to the United States.’

So, how many of you know where the United States is? Well, at that point, I didn’t know what that was or where it was. All I thought was about putting my stuff away and being able to come back the next week and play with my toys again. But that week still hasn’t come yet. I’m still here in the US now.

So, I’ve been here for 20 years, and my journey as an immigrant wasn’t always easy. Because when I first got into school in the fourth grade, all the kids were making fun of me. They bullied me because I could not speak the language.

How many of you guys can resonate with that? So, at first, it was hard because I didn’t know where to start or even begin. But all I knew was I wanted something to grow from that. Now, I started looking at tools on the TV with the subtitles, and my journey began. Because now, I was putting myself in a position where I could learn, grow, and become something. I am still determining where I am going, but one day I’ll be able to get there.

Once I came to the United States, I started learning English. Everything for me started to change, and everything began to shift. Because a lot of my relatives stayed behind back home. I now live in Tennessee, and the only people I have there are my mom, three sisters, and three brothers. That’s it. I haven’t met any of my other relatives since coming here.

They see what I’m doing because they’re now connected with me through social media. They’re seeing all my growth, and now they see me taking the boldness to get in front of people. Even if I embarrass myself, I understand that that’s okay because that’s how we grow.

I want to tell you that your time for change may run out. Because every single day that we live, we’re getting closer to our death. And if you guys do not know Jesus and who Jesus is, I’d gladly be able to have a conversation with you after I get done standing up here. You guys will see that my life accurately represents who He is. Thank you.

Alejandro answers questions from the audience.

Oh yeah, thank you guys. Even once I moved to Tennessee, we didn’t have anything. My dad had helped us move over there, but he moved back to California shortly after. He left us stranded in Tennessee. My mom was now working two or three, sometimes even four, different jobs so that we could have somewhere to live.

At that time, she could not afford something nice, so we lived in a mobile home. The mobile home was so beat up and used that you could see sunlight coming in from the floor. There were cockroaches, so we had to put cotton balls in our ears to keep them away. There were bugs and fleas everywhere. We didn’t have electricity or water.

How did we wash ourselves and our clothes? We had to go early in the morning or late at night under a bridge and start washing our clothes, bathing ourselves. Then, start pulling out the leeches, sucking the blood out of your legs. It felt weird at first. I thought it was like a piece of skin. But then, I got out of the water and checked my leg, and it was like this black thing just sucking all the blood out.

To that, my mom got a little bit more money together, and now we moved again. I still greatly admire my mother because she showed me what a true warrior is. And I also got her work ethic from her.

Sometimes, people I hang out with get mad at me because I don’t get enough time to spend with them and help them; I’m always working. Well, that’s how I grew up. Ever since I was a little kid, I have been working. I was helping my grandparents mix the mortar for laying bricks. As a little kid, I was helping my mom’s side of the family, building bricks, mixing all the cow manure, putting the grass in it, like all the ingredients, mixing them and just stacking them up, letting them dry. Then build the pyramid, light it on fire, and then again for two or three days until that morning when they’re hot and harrowing for them to use to construct houses.

Once I came here to the United States, and I was 14, 15 years old, I was already in construction, building houses. I was working as a framer at 14 years old. I saved enough money to purchase a laptop. With that laptop, I started educating myself with the right information from other people. So, I started practicing more and more in my English. Now, I can stand in front of many people and share who I am because I know that I was created to share with every single one of you who I am through Jesus and what He’s got for me.

I’m sure many of you guys have been there before. A lot of times, we don’t know what we’re doing because we need the experience behind those actions that we take. We don’t have enough information in our minds to make a good decision or a bad decision. We decide and then deal with the consequences later on. So, that also got me in some trouble.

Mostly, a lot of times, when I genuinely believe in something, I always go all in. It doesn’t matter if I have to go a little bit into debt or if I have to sacrifice a little bit of my sleep. I’m okay with that because I know later that I will be doing no sleep after passing away. But I will also be living because I’m leaving a legacy. The legacy will live because now my kids see what I’m doing right here. They will discuss who I am and what I did for many people. One day, they will stand and be proud of who I was and all the sacrifices I made for them.

Then, I met my wife. I don’t know if you guys have ever heard of Myspace; that’s how we connected. We met and started talking, and then I heard her story. I learned that she was abused at a young age and had another child. I saw myself in that child because I grew up without a father figure. So, I committed to her, and she committed to me. Together, we are breaking curses that have been planted into our families. Now we’re dealing with all the healing after facing all those challenges.

She hasn’t seen her parents for a decade and a half. But now, she still communicates with her mom because her dad has passed. One of the things that I learned from her is to be strong. Even when we are weak, she helps and builds me up. So, I want to give a shout-out to my wife.

He’s not here today because he had to take care of some things at the house while we were here. But I’m genuinely grateful because that experience shifted my mindset from being just a kid into something more than doing just where my past was.

Now that I’ve become a father, I was only 18, and then my daughter was born when I was 19, and she’s here. And now, my job is to be able to provide for them, not something that I grew up with, but something much higher, which is for them to be able to understand who God is and what God wants from them. Because you know, without God, we are nothing.

When I say ‘our time for change may be running out, I want you guys to realize that we may be able to die tomorrow if we don’t know where we’re going. But some of us know where we’re going, and that’s eternal life. For those who do not know where they’re going, as I said, I’d like to talk with you and see what we can do to prepare you for that place.

Because if you guys ever thought about eternity, eternity is real, and it’s forever. Maybe you take a piece of sand. You can imagine that it is a thousand years. And if you go, there’s the Sahara Desert and all over the ocean. Man, there’s plenty of sand out there. And even if you get one grain and try to cut a tenth of that, you can cut that grain of sand.

I want you guys to start taking more time and understand thinking about where we’re going after death. Because I understand now that it doesn’t matter what we have here, but what matters is what we have to give because what we have to give is the gifts that God’s given us uniquely to each of us. And with those gifts, we can help each one of us grow.

I think it’s very selfish for us to stay quiet and hide away because every time we hide, we hide away God’s grace that He gives us daily. My name is Alejandro, and I’d like to heartily encourage you to stop believing everything somebody else tells you about you.

Because I want you guys to know that you were uniquely created to be able to serve a purpose for everybody that you guys meet. One of the things that I struggled with was talking to people. One of my goals was to introduce myself to five different people daily. Doing that not only stretched me, but it helped me overcome that fear. And I’ve gained so many new friends because of it, and now I’m no longer afraid to introduce myself to somebody because I know somebody has something for me.

If you guys have any questions for me, I’m happy to answer any questions. And if you want to hear more about me, I have a Facebook page where I try to post daily. Some things that I go through. I have a construction business. I’ve been in business now for four years, but that’s something very little that I take pride in. But more in my time, I bring it more towards praying the Gospel of Jesus and helping people have a relationship with God.

Because God created us to be intimate with him one-on-one, but many of us have that sin that keeps us away. And that first, I don’t know if you guys ever heard this, but the first emotion after sin was a shame. So, many of us have some shame that we’re hiding because we think our mistakes will make us feel some weight. But by getting rid of that shame, then we’re that’s when we begin to step into what God meant for us. Because we’re no longer not living for ourselves, but we are now living for God, who created us.

This is alright; we have a question here. ‘What was born in Mexico?’ Yeah, Jalisco, yes. I’ve been here for 20 years and plan to stay here for as long as possible. ‘And what’s your Facebook page?’ Well, my Facebook page is my full name: Alejandro Quintero Rosales. I want to connect with you so we can get that connection going. Because I have many friends and most are older than me. Some are even twice my age, but they see I’m going somewhere because God gave me the vision to stand before many people. Vision is right here, right now, because now I’m in front of you guys.

Yeah, so again, I don’t play many sports or watch any sports. I’m sorry, I don’t watch a lot of TV. I spend most of my time here developing a new skill. A new skill that’s going to have very rewards. Like now, one of the things that I enjoy is getting in front of people and teaching and putting myself in very uncomfortable situations. Because such an uncomfortable situation always has a greater reward after we go through it.

I want to encourage you guys to take a step in faith, not a step of Faith. Because when we take a step of Faith, we’re hoping for things to happen. But now we’re taking a step in faith, expecting things to happen.

Now, I want to pray for each of you here. 

Father God, I pray for everybody here to have a clear revelation of who they are. I pray for their revelations for you to put their purpose into their minds and Spirits, Father God. I pray that You lift each of these people here and have an encounter with You so big; it’s about who they will be able to transform so many people’s lives not long after they are gone, Father God, in Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen. 

Thank you. Alejandro, as you were talking, the Lord kept showing me this. So I will pray that the Lord will bless and keep you from evil. That He will bless your family and keep them from Evil. And I ask that He will increase your territory and bless you. Is it all right if I pray over you?

Father God, Lord Jesus, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I ask that you break the generational curse of financial poverty. And Father God that you would lift Alejandro and his family, and Lord, that you would increase their finances. Lord, that You would bless him with everything that You have. Lord, that it would be the best of the greatest. And Lord, that You would send him out. Send him out, Father God, that he would inspire and encourage others. Most of all, he would show them all your true love for them.

Lord, he has a heart to give and to serve you. And Lord, I ask that you bless that and increase him, in Jesus’ precious holy name. Amen. Amen. Yes.

As I said, most of my time is now going toward Ministry. Like I want to build and develop other strong leaders and be able to make disciples in this world. I know it’s a big vision, and I cannot do it alone. I want to get you guys involved in one way or another.

We have a page where we have it set up for people to donate and contribute towards that. Because right now, in the town where I live, we have the vision to build a Community Center in which we’re able to grab fatherless kids and bring them in here and start helping them become men – men of God, better fathers, and just had to live a righteous way. That’s just something I wanted to share.

Wow, that’s awesome. I’m so proud of you.

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