Anita Lucia La Pierre

Anita is a Merciful Compassionate Faithful Woman of God, an Ordained Minister, International Best-Selling Author, Transformational

As a recent recipient of a National Phenomenal Woman Award, Anita Lucia La Pierre is a Merciful Faithful Woman of God, an Ordained Minister, International Best-Selling Author, Transformational Motivational Speaker and Advocate for the Homeless, Foster Children and Runaways in her hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

All of whom she has represented in her past. Providing many with Compassion, Heartfelt Prayer, while sharing the Goodness of God, Hygiene Supply Bags, clothes, shoes and toys all provided by welcomed and needed donations.

Anita faithfully shares daily Positive Affirmations, Prayer Requests and Praises on her fast-growing Community Facebook group page titled Kindred Spirits, Warrior Woman.

As well as actively and bravely educating her stage audiences on her three Rs of Survival which are Recovery, Resilience and Redemption, which were essential tools that she still uses daily to help Anita to continue to overcome and heal her traumatic childhood. TO BECOMING THE COURAGEOUS WARRIOR WOMEN, SHE IS TODAY.  Anita is a proud mother of three amazing children and seven beautiful grandchildren.

In her spare time Anita enjoys her alone time with her Lord Jesus Christ, going out to dinner and movies, traveling and socializing and enjoying fellowship with positive, goal driven like-minded people. She also enjoys spending precious time together with her love of her life Kev and her two precious fur baby pups Bentley and Riley.

Anita was humbly selected to be in the January edition cover story of the Atlanta based magazine called: “Scars of Survival”                              Bravely sharing her own True Survival Story titled: “Slaying My Monsters.”

Anita’s Encouragement and Inspirational Best-Selling Co-Authored Books available on Amazon include: °Women Who Shine, °Words of Wisdom for the Heart and Soul,” °Surviving HER The Art Of Forgiveness.”  °How I Survived a Pandemic.”

Soon to be released Co-Authored books include:

°I Love You Because, I Love Me Because.”

°Born to Risk.”

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