Ann LeMaster – The Healing Conference, Grand Junction, CO 2023

Please welcome Ann LeMaster

Thank you, everybody; it’s great to be here with you. I’m so excited. I need to learn to follow all the speakers we’ve had so far. I’ve had so many little teardrops coming down. Oh, anyway, I’m a Healer, kind of a tip here.

I had a speech. I had been working on my speech for two weeks. Oh, you know, changing it here, changing it there. I’m on the plane, and I’m doing it. Well, guess what? I look at life as a journey, and you have the twists and the turns, the bumps and the smooth and all that, and I came here, and my suitcase didn’t come. So this is what you get.

I pride myself on authenticity and integrity, and that’s my brand. Everybody says that’s my brand. But how do you brand that? I’m all the colors, so how can you put me in a box? As you can see, there are lots of colors. How can you put me in a box of one or two, three colors? Can’t. I’m unique. I’m old, and I love being old.

People say, “Don’t say you’re old”, and I said, “I’m old. I’m 73 years old and aging younger.” and you can too. It’s all about how you frame and look at things. Covid was the best thing that happened to me because I spent two years in my garden, playing in God’s dirt, in his Sunshine, respecting the critters out there, except the fire ants. I’m not fond of them.

I live in San Antonio, Texas. The plants, the critters, I have seven cats, six in the house, and one cat is an in-and-out cat. I used to have eight, but I think something tried to get her, she got away, but she died. That was a mother of three of them. I’m allergic to cats. I used to give myself shots. They’ll walk around for three days with this big red spot on me. I’m still allergic to cats, so I won’t take the shots anymore. I just turned it over.

I’m allergic to cats. I love cats. They’re in my face, and I don’t care. I’m sitting there. God speaks to me in so many different ways. It’s your inner knowing, and I’m sitting there at my computer, and Gabby, one of my first cats, was licking herself. I used to work in an allergy clinic, so when you’re allergic to cat dander, right? And I looked, I said, “Gabby, Mama’s not allergic to your dander.” I think of dander as dandruff, right? She’s allergic to your spit because every time they lick, you pet them, rub your eye, whatever. So that’s kind of how things come to me.

So anyway, following all these people and their stories, mine is flat in comparison. But I, being older, have all these experiences in life that can apply, and I can relate to pretty much everybody. Meg had the one that tore me up. Brandy, yours was, I think everybody’s was. I want to get to mine on healing because we’re here for that.

I’m winging it because I’m not in my dress clothes, so I am who I am. I put a pendulum out there on the table for everybody. This is one of my healing tools. I’m not just a typical nurse. I call myself an alternative nurse because I use anything that is needed, Mind, Body, and Spirit. You go to the doctor when you need to.

But I have three stories that I want to use, and if I have time, I’ll teach you how to use your pendulum. I went to Edgar Casey in Virginia Beach. I took a radionics class, which is a deeper level of Healing Touch, which is energy work. One thing with the class is that you got a pendulum, and I also wanted a crystal one or a clear white one, and I reached in to get it, and this is what came out.

I have a story about my cat, Blackie is the number two cat, and Gabby and Blackie were the first two. He had exploratory surgery, and he was cut from here to here. I brought him home from the vet on Saturday, and he’s lying there on the bed, lethargic. So I’m at the head of the bed, my husband’s at the head, and here’s Blackie with his tail towards me. And the Pendulum is used to check your chakras.

The only chakra open was his root. He wanted to live, but the rest had to get in line. I worked on that cat, and I got his chakras to open. And while I was doing it, my pendulum did something that defies logic. I did tell somebody once what it did, and my inner knowing says, don’t tell people, there are too many skeptics, somebody who will use that and say I’m a master healer, my pendulum did this, that, and the other thing, right?

So I went to a safe place. I went to Peru with an Earth Keeper group, and I was at one of their events. I had done healing on one of the guys and shared it with them. The healing touch Community couldn’t tell me what my pendulum had, what it meant, what it had done. But I had shared it with Derek, and Derek said, “Don’t ever doubt yourself, Ann; you’re a master healer.”

I think it’s funny at 69, I was looking at my business card and said, “My last name Le Master translates as the master. I am a Healer as I am a nurse.” I feel like I have God’s healing as a healing touch. He is the light, I am the light switch, and you are the bulb. You either take what He flows through me into you, and you use that and heal whatever needs to be healed, or maybe it’s not your time to do that, and you don’t. I have no control. I am just the conduit.

So anyhow, back to Blackie, that was on Saturday. On Tuesday, he’s running up and down, chasing his sister all over. You would have never known he was ever near death. He was taken to the vet on Friday, who said he healed well. And I said, “I do have the energy to work and would love to work post-surgery on your cats.” He wasn’t interested.

I learned that taking my cats there was expensive. Every time you go, I am making his car payment, house payment, or whatever, on my dime. I’m skeptical of the medical community because so many are there for the money.

My personal story is I have an I.T. band. In the garden two years ago, I was in this position, trying to get the plants in the soil before and up. My husband would say, “It looks like something’s wrong with you.” I’d answer, “I can’t. It hurts too bad.”

So finally, it keeps going and going. Next thing I know, I’ve got this horrible pain there. I had to have hip surgery from a previous injury that was 22 years before. So they replaced my hip, and I tell him about my leg acting up every year I return. He didn’t do an x-ray; we’ll do that next time. He said, ” You need hip surgery.” And I said, “For an IT band?” I don’t know if I want to go back to that doctor. He did a good job on the hip, but I didn’t like his attitude.

I’m struggling to find my innate, knowing he told me I need a massage. So I found a place to go. The guy was ok, but I’m a nurse, and I said, “You’re a masseuse?” He didn’t even want to touch my butt. I said, “Come on. I wanted somebody who would get in there.” 

Anybody knows your pain tolerance is one to ten, right? I’m 13. I’m sorry, somebody is ten and crying like a baby. Jimmy was there and heard my story, and he said, I’ll hurt you. I was like, that’s exactly what I want. I don’t know how many months I went to him. Sometimes like twice a week. They weren’t cheap. Insurance won’t pay for them, so the money was gone. I would tip him well because he gave me back a big part of my life. But I wasn’t fixed; I needed something more. 

He had moved on, so I had to find someone else. I found this girl who does trigger points, and it’s like in this spot here in my thumb. It’s cemetrics and in the squeeze, one treatment, no pain. It was awesome, and I told her about my other issues. She said you need to see James; it’s a sciatica. Lo and behold, I’d been going to James now for about a month, and he said that I’m like this (tight), and after he treats me, I’m going to be out like this, but your body has memory and it’s going to come back. When it’s here, come back in, don’t wait until you’re back here because we will have to start all over again. So I’m out here, and then about the second day two before I’m due to go back, I’m here, and yeah, it’s doing wonders, so when I told the doctor about it initially, I had three choices: prednisone, NSAIDs, or therapy.

I said ‘therapy,’ and why was that the last thing offered? Therapy was able to identify it, but I feel like for most doctors, it’s about the money and the training they had in school. So, I’m getting off my course here. 

But my education in school and upbringing being old nature, you know, the weeds that we have, we spray the dandelions because they are unattractive. No, they’re wonderful food. Then it can cause you to heal in whatever manner because it’s good food. There are three stories I want to tell because vibration heals. A cat’s purr, and Blackie, the one that had the surgery, fills the room with his purr. He has such a loud purr; I call him my purr baby.

So, you pet the cat, and what are they doing when they take a nap, and they’re purring? Are they healing themselves through vibration because vibration is such a part? We can chant, and when I chant, my poor cats are like, what’s that? It’s a primordial sound, and maybe they think they will meet their maker or whatever, I don’t know.

So, I don’t chant when they’re around. I learned that with a reunion that we had for Earth Keepers a couple of months back, I knew about it but I never really did it. So, I will do it more now. Anyway, our thoughts also can heal us.

And this is a scenario, being old, I love to say that, don’t I? Back in 1966, the fictitious name Mary had everything going for her. She’s a junior in high school, a vice president of the class; she’s a cheerleader, just everything going for her. And her boyfriend came back from college, and she got pregnant. Oh man, the sin of women; how could you dare get pregnant, right? Tell the family and the family says, getting married.

So now she’s pregnant, and she’s getting married. She goes back to school, and the principal calls her in short, and he says, ‘Mary, is it true what I hear about you that I’m pregnant and married?’ ‘Yes, she tells him. ‘ ‘Well, Mary, you can’t come to this school anymore; you have to go across town to the ones for the Bad Girls and the misfit boys.’ So that just broke her heart. She was so ashamed.

Back then, if you found out you were pregnant, the family would ship you off. In Iowa, it was up in Dubuque to the Catholic facility where you’d have your baby, then you’d go to see Aunt Jane, and then three months later, you’d return to the family. ‘Oh, the visit with Aunt Jane was nice; I don’t want to talk about it,’ you know, that kind of thing.

So anyway, she had the baby in May of 67, and she had a boy. Seven months later, she was deathly sick. She went into the hospital; the right kidney had dried up to hardly anything, and the left was at fifty percent. They gave her six months at most. Six-month-old baby, what am I going to do? I’ll never see him go to kindergarten; I won’t see him graduate; I won’t see him get married; I won’t have any grandbabies; how can this be? Oh, she’s just devastated.

And that night, the chaplain comes in and starts asking her questions. The chaplain asks questions, and Mary says this isn’t a typical chaplain. So, the chaplain says, ‘What happened the last two years, Mary, before this?’ And she said, ‘I was an awful girl; I got pregnant.’ And she said, ‘You have to visualize taking your child to kindergarten, hand in hand, delivering him to kindergarten, going into the class. Then you have to visualize him graduating, and you have to visualize the marriage and holding your grandbabies, and you do that several times throughout the day.’

They went to check her, and 100 percent of the left and right kidneys were returning. So fast forward, she ended up with a successful job helping others. So that is the power of thought and intention that will heal you.

Another story, while I was in nursing school, this man was lying in the hospital dying of liver cancer. If we’ve been in the hospital, you know you’re there for eight hours, and nobody comes to visit because they’re working, right? So what are you going to do? It takes a cell out of his liver, and he scrubs it with his imaginary toothbrush, puts it back in, and takes another one. That’s what he does all day long.

Now it came time to see, well, how it has progressed. How much time do you get left? Oh my God, there’s no cancer. You’re cancer-free. The power of intention, asking God to come into your life and heal you, that kind of thing.

But now, also, your thoughts can work a different way. My nephew was killed in a car accident in 1991, and my sister, my mom, and I, talked all the time, all the time. And my dad, I don’t think he ever said Matthew’s name. And four years later, Matthew, my dad, got glioblastoma, the worst of the brain cancers, and passed three months later. All the dreams Dad had after Matt was gone, and I think he didn’t have his purpose anymore, but it ate him up, the grief that he felt he couldn’t express.

So to express and begin talking about our stories makes us heal because we express it, amen? Yeah, so my father was my first patient. I had graduated in December the year before and got my license in February, and on March 13th, my father became my patient, and he still watches over me. My nephew comes in touch with me. His favorite song for him is ‘Take My Breath Away’ by Berlin, and between noon and one, it will play, not every day, but sometimes.

I was sitting out in the garden one day, my favorite thing to do. I did a video of me, no makeup, my house coat, and my cup of coffee. I said, ‘Well, this is me, authentic, okay, this is me, what do we look like in the morning, So drinking my coffee, I said all my gratitude to the sky, the clouds, the trees, the birds, and down to the critters, the grass, even the sand, even the stupid fire ants. But I gave gratitude to God, and all that is out there, and I just felt so peaceful and so alive.

I had to go somewhere, so I got in the car, turned the key on, and Berlin’s song ‘Take My Breath Away’ was on. The next day it played, and then I can’t remember the third day, there was something else, and it might have been a message from my father. But anyway, all this is within us, but we are conditioned not to believe it. All this pendulum stuff is woo-woo.

Oh, I have two minutes left, so do we want…yeah, I didn’t get to say everything I wanted because you couldn’t shut me up once I started talking.

Anyway, the pendulum, you program it yourself. So if you hold it like this, and this is the way I do, you can try and change it when you want, but I haven’t let it go so it’s going to go back and forth like this, well, let’s start first, I want a yes answer.

So it will spin clockwise for me, so go ahead and do it. You’re programming it. So I have it spin clockwise, and then if it’s going to say no, you will spin it counterclockwise. And I asked this about Mama Kitty, is she alive, and she said no. Is she out under the shed? No, whatever.

So then it can go back and forth like this, and it’s like thinking about it, can’t give me an answer yet, and kind of like not sure. And if it’s still, it just won’t give you an answer, or it doesn’t know the outcome, can’t tell you. And it is true because like I said, I had my story with Blackie, and it works.

So anyway, with that, I would like to say I bless you all through God. And I’ve come to God close since COVID. I believe alternatively on that too,

So with that, this is my book where I have so many of my spiritual stories. That’s why I wrote it, and believe me, there are some cool ones in there. You got in touch with just what I said about Matt and my dad.

I also host the Common Sense Living podcast. I featured Alejandro on it after I heard his story for the first time. And let’s see… oh yes, now I’m a public speaker. I did all that in less than ten months, let’s say last year in 2019 or 2020. So at 72 years old, I have blossomed.

My last one for my Common Sense Living is Tonni. Whoa, you are such a joy! The first time I heard her speak was sticker shock. 

I know. What was the name of the monkey that sat on your shoulder?

He was a monkey, oh Lamb Chop, Lamb Chop. Yes, yes, because I got into it. That’s the thing; you say yes to something, right?

I remember the Holistic Chamber of Commerce event in November of ’21. I’m sitting there, and this girl comes up to me. We talk briefly, and she says, “Ann, I’ve got a great opportunity for you. You need to try this.” And I’m okay, I listen, and I go, I don’t know, it’s something about speaking.

Speaking is good for people to learn; you can always grow from that. So yeah, it’s a little pricey, but sure, I’ll do it. So, when an opportunity is offered, you could say yes or no. You say yes, and you grow. You say no, and you wonder what would have happened, what could have happened, what should have happened. So, that’s when I bloomed, and I gotta tell you, I am the happiest I have ever been. This is my avenue to speak and touch hearts and have people grow.

Join us next time at The Healing Conference!