Bill K. Griffith Speaking at The Healing Conference

Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for Bill K. Griffith!

Wow, thank you guys so much. Way to go, Bobby. Hey, forget about it. I love that accent. Hey, all right, everybody, just relax a little bit here, okay? All right. Hey, let’s get this thing going, and let’s… Everybody raise their hand if they want to change something in their life. If you want to change something in their life, put your hand up.

Okay, perfect, perfect. That’s what we’re going to do. We will start with a clear intention and a vision in our minds. Can you do that? Can you put a thought, a kind of prayer, a wish, whatever you want in your mind? Can you see it? Can you see it? Can I get a yes? Yes. Okay, so that is the electrical impulse, the electrical broadcast into this field of energy, I’m going to be talking about today. So this is the first part of it. We can see it. Okay. Now, can we feel that emotion? That is the magnetic part of it. We’re talking about electromagnetic broadcast, how we think and how we feel broadcast, the electromagnetic signal into this field. We call it the unified field, the zero point field, the mind of God, whatever you want to talk about or label it. It’s just where everything exists. We have to tune our frequency into it. So, can you feel the emotion? Yes. All right. Come on. Can we really feel the emotion? Let’s get the energy going. Let’s loosen this thing up. Let’s go. Follow me. Are you ready?

Come on. Let’s get it going. Get it going.

There we go. You got to feel it. You got to feel it. You got to feel it. All right. All right. Good. Good. Good. So that brings it into us, the magnetic energy that we’re in, pulling filling out into the zero point field, the two points. And as we get that, we’re going to broadcast that information by simple breath. We’re going to teach you a quick, perfect breath. And a perfect breath is six. Count in as a count of six, and a six-count out as the exhale. All right. And on that six count on the exhale, we’re going to have the sound of God in all religions. OK, it’s Krishna, Allah, God, whatever it is, it’s the sound of ah, one of the most ancient meditation practices. As we breathe in for the count of six, I’ll count it out for you. As you breathe out, we’re going to go ah, with that clear intention and elevated motion. Are you with me? Let’s breathe it in. Ready? Let’s breathe in on the count of one, two, three.

Two, three, four, five, six. And breathe out. Ah, two, three, four, five, six. Can you feel it? OK, that’s just one of the many things we can do in this line of work. You’re driving to work, you’re at home on the couch, get a clear intention, elevated emotion.

Breathe in and send out that vibration of God, of your higher self. What did you just do from a biological standpoint? What did you do? You sent a chemical message that came through your brain, into your autonomic nervous center, into your genes that created new hormones and new proteins and gave you an upgrade. You got a biological upgrade by putting yourself in a healthy vibration. OK? And beyond that, that vibration that you sent out into the ether, this 2.0 field, affected every star in this Milky Way galaxy. What? Stars? What are you talking about? Yes, you are a star. Thirty thousand years ago, the Emerald Tablet said that man is a falling star. Why not? What is a star made of?

Hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon are the same elements as you. OK? You are a star. And what is a star? Somebody who’s seeking truth, achieving results. Are you seeking truth? Are we achieving results? Yes. We will give you some more tools and resources on how to seek truth and achieve those results. Are you with me? Yes. OK, we got some energy. I love that. OK. When I teach mindfulness, I coach him first and foremost on how to really broadcast this high energy, this thought, this feeling out into this field, OK? This unified field, this feeling of love, OK? But then we got to teach him how to breathe. Hey, what are you talking about? You’re talking about breathing? Of course, I don’t want to breathe, right? You have to start breathing through your nose. OK?

Did you get any mouth breathers here? Me too. For forty years, I breathe through my mouth because what? I didn’t know I was ignorant. I didn’t know. I forget about it, right? Just breathe through my nose and eat some pasta. So, if you breathe in through your nose, what is it going to do? It’s going to compress. OK, it’s going to moisturize. It’s going to heat.

It’s going to give you the resistance of that air we’re breathing in to expand into our lungs to give us 18% more oxygen into our lungs. Whoa, forget about it. 20,000, 25,000 breaths per day. You don’t think that’s going to make a difference? That’s crazy, right? 20,000, 25,000 times a day. If we’re breathing in through our nose, it’s going to make us a lot better. You want to go back to the Bible, the Genesis, when God, the dust of man and created man, he breathed into his what? His nostrils before he gave him life. I don’t make this stuff up, guys. I’m just a light beam full of information. Hey, I’m trying to give you some information. Forget about it, right? OK, so we know how to breathe. Easy. OK, we can all breathe. We’re here, right? But that’s about surviving. We want to thrive. We want to breathe in through our nose and out our mouth and breathe in through our nose and out our nose, whatever it is. But make sure we’re breathing in through our nose and a real simple exercise.

Dr. Wild made a beautiful breath as far as four, seven, eight. I like six, seven, eight, because what’s a perfect breath? Six count in, six count out. What is that? Brain, heart, coherence. That’s our way to get into this unified field, this fifth dimension we will discuss—discussing dimensions. Was this guy crazy? I thought he was drug-free. OK, so we’re going to think about breathing in for a count of six as you hold it for a count of seven. And then, as you exhale, is a count of eight.

So, breath brings real energy, allowing healing. What do I mean by that? We bring real energy into our bodies, molecules, ourselves, and bones. That is the life. I mean, breath is the key to this life. It’s the key to the soul. OK, as we bring in that energy, what I mean by allowing the healing is the exhale. That’s the forgotten part of breath because we’re like, I really hate talking to my ex-wife. Oh, my God. Right. You know, we just get that out. Like, we have to really embrace allowing the healing, getting that stale carbon dioxide out of our lungs. That’s what that is. That’s really what it is: allowing that exhale to linger and get it out, get it out, get it out. All these breaths, all this work is just repackaged over the years. It’s been renamed, and all these different things over, you know, even before Christ, these things were happening. So the coolest thing that I’ve seen about, you know, six, seven, eight, you guys can do that on your own. Right. Count in for six, hold it for seven, breathe out for eight. Write it down. Forget about it. All right. On to the next. So the one I really want the guys to get home, hammered home to take home with you, is what Dr. Gay Hendricks calls a reset because we go, come on, the days are long. Right. Sometimes, we need a what? A reset. Right. You can do this one any time of day. You can do it at a staff meeting. You can do it. I was doing it right before I got to speak because I was getting a little anxious, man. I was getting fired up. Bobby had me juiced up. He’s talking about all these good things. So, as a reset, all we’re doing is taking a couple of conscious breaths. What does that mean? Put your awareness on what? How you’re breathing. Okay.

So breathe in through the nose, out the mouth. Relax a little bit. Yeah, I can keep calm. That’s right. I can chill out. As you breathe in and breathe out, become aware of your breath. And then, as we breathe in and breathe out, I will ask you to extend that exhale. As you extend that exhale, we’re just going to hold our breath, and it doesn’t have to be very long. We go five seconds.

You’ve got 10 seconds. You’ve got 15, 20 seconds. It doesn’t matter. It’s just part of balancing the carbon dioxide and the oxygen, getting some of that stale oxygen out of our lungs. Okay. So, are you with me here? Let’s breathe in through our nose.

As we breathe out, breathe it all out, all of it. Get it out, get it out, get it out. Now hold it, hold it. Feel your body. Feel the tingling. It’s a little uncomfortable, but you’re not going to die. I swear, your body knows what to do. Just relax. Just relax. How does that feel? Does it make you feel a little bit better? Yes? Okay. What? Oh yes. That’s a relaxed man. Sorry, somebody help her. She’s got it ready. Okay. Love it. So, that’s the reset. And the football coach in me is like, “I like that, you know?” But hey, we need a reboot. You know what I’m saying? I need a reboot. Because sometimes, during the conversation, somebody, I’m like, “I don’t like what they’re talking about right now. They’re lowering my vibration, my frequency.” So, what I do sometimes is I breathe all the way out. We’ve still got a bit of that stale carbon dioxide in our lungs. So, as I breathe it all the way out, I give a little bit more, a little bit more, and a little bit more. That’s the one you probably need to do in the privacy of your own home because it gets a little weird. Okay? So, just think about this: as you breathe all your oxygen out, breathe all the carbon dioxide out, you’ve got a little bit more left. Sometimes, we’ve got to push ourselves beyond our limitations, beyond what we think is normal. What the heck is normal, anyway?

Okay. So, those are easy ways to calm us down before we really start getting into anything stressful because, obviously, things are going on in our lives. Still, it’s all about how we interact with this environment. And you know, we get these thoughts. Where do thoughts come from? Part of our brain, right? Our brain is broken down into three parts. That’s what I teach people. Because we’re visual learners, that’s what we do. You think of your front door; you see a picture of your front door. I say “cat,” you see a picture of your cat. You think in pictures. Forget about it. I say “pasta,” what do you get? That’s what we do. We think in pictures. So, I say “brain,” okay?

There are three parts. The neocortex is the outer walnut shell. That is the conscious awareness. That’s the CEO. That’s the boss. That’s our conscious mind. Left, right, up, down, black, white, right, wrong. That’s the one we’ve got to chill out in meditation. So, once we simply close our eyes, 80% of the data we receive is shut down visually. Once we close our eyes, that cools down the circuits. Now, we use the frontal lobe, one of the greatest gifts God ever gave us, to really see the future and envision the future we want because our brain is neurologically wired to be the past.

We’ve got these big neurons, right? These tree-like branches, and in between those branches are synaptic connections, synapses. And the synapses are the memories in between these neurons. Okay? So, those are memories of the past. Forget the past. Let’s think about the future. That’s what I do. I teach guys and gals how to see their future, to make new synaptic connections in their brains, in their minds, to create their future. So, they’re electromagnetically pulling their future towards them. Now, it’s not “woo-woo.” It’s actual science. God has given us all the capabilities to do this. I’ve simplified it to really help people draw it in. It’s just like bringing in a big fish. Any fishermen? Fisher ladies? Yeah? Got one, got a couple. You’ve got to teach me how. I’m really ignorant about fishing. I don’t know much about it. I heard Neville Goddard talking about fishing being like manifesting. You’ve got to reel it in. I’m like, “How the hell do you catch a fish?” So, I’ve got to work on that.

Okay. The next part of our brain. It’s like the computer processor, the cerebellum in the back of our head. It’s the seat of the subconscious. So, a lot of the data that we have, the knee-jerk reactions, the things that we do in everyday life, we’re programmed. We’ve got the brain to drive the car, put on our coats, zip up our jackets, and yell at our kids. Why did you yell at your kid? We have those programmed responses. So, what we do is try to cool down the circuits of our brain to rewrite the program. Because by the time we’re 35 years old, our personality is complete. That’s it, folks. The body has become the brain. We go through our day, and our body takes us through. Our mind’s like, “Okay, we’re along for the ride. What do we do now, buddy? We’re going to work. We’re going to be hateful to the guy next to us. We’re going to be mad at our boss,” whatever that is. So, we get into the subconscious mind to rewrite the program.

The limbic brain is the chemical brain. And that’s right in the middle of it, where every thought that we have is a chemical messenger. We have neural networks and neural peptides. The neural peptides go through our bloodstream and find a cell. That’s a good match. “Okay, I’m going to go into the subside of the cell. I’m going to make a hormone.” That’s how we get the feeling. “I’m going to find a gene.” That’s how we make proteins. So, that’s what I do. I really break down this process of how we think and how we feel on a simple level because, quite honestly, I failed biology in college. I had to retake it in college to be eligible to play that fall. So, all this information, I’m just excited to share with people and teach them how easy it is, how we think and feel, does create our world. And if we know exactly how the brain works and what we think and feel produces an electromagnetic signal out into the field, I’m going to ask you, what are you tuning into? What are you tuning into? Are you tuning into 107.3? Or 107.3 FM?

It’s easy to do. We all get stuck. We all get lost along the way. For 40 years, I was running a program. I thought I was somebody else. And now I’ve found a path to enlightenment. Notice I said “path.” Right. Nobody’s enlightened, are they? We’re just on the way. We’re just on the way back to the source. Right. So, as we think and feel, it does create our life. We are the victims.

You’re still broadcasting that electromagnetic signal into the field. If you want to be a victim, get your popcorn ready. It’s about to be good. Okay. If you want to be a creator, you want to be your highest self. Alright, let’s get it. Let’s be a superstar. Let’s find, let’s keep seeking truth. Let’s achieve those results. And these things that I’ve talked about here today, you know, I’ve thrown a lot of information at you, and I’ve had a lot of energy, and I’m so grateful to be here. But if you break it down from a scientific level, guys, focused awareness, okay, just be aware, metacognition, that’s part of the frontal lobe, the neocortex. What am I thinking about? I’ve got to start thinking about what I’m thinking about, focused awareness. That’s the difference between us and the animal kingdom. Right? Because, you know, I can bring a dog up here, and the dog knows it’s up here, but it doesn’t know that it knows it’s up here. Did we get that right? Okay, I think we did.

Okay. So we can really think about what we’ve been thinking about. The other thing is the regulation of breath. Does everybody know how to breathe today? No? In through the what? No, that’s right. It’s the shell, like a turtle, right? It’s the first line of defense. So, in this world of pollution and COVID, we’ve already got a built-in mask. God had this all figured out way before we screwed it all up, man. We just have to get back to the blueprint. Come on, forget about it. All this other crap out there. It’s a bunch of, you know. So, we’ve got the filter, regulation of the breath, and the chosen emotion that we want to choose, which is the third and final one. We also, that’s the thing that separates us from the animal. We can choose an emotion. We don’t have to rely on the old Newtonian model of cause and effect. That’s like the universe, and the world is mechanistic.

It’s a machine, bull crap. We can cause an effect. Does that make sense? What we do internally does make a difference in the objective world. The subjective mind does affect the objective world. If you understand that it’s clear, sound science, it’s easy. We just have to make a decision. Are we going to be a creator? We’re going to be a victim. Okay.

So I spent a lot of time in my life suffering from drugs, alcohol, depression, suicidal thoughts, you name it, really in a rough place. There’s 69 days in my life where I didn’t see my wife. I didn’t see my kids for 69 days because of the choices I made with Adderall, fentanyl, and other drugs.

So that’s why I’m so excited to be up here and say that I got down here because I got a ride with them. They drove me down here because we’re into a snowstorm. Take her because you had all-wheel drive. Let’s know the story. Anyway, we are reconnected. We live in the same house. Okay. So when I talk about these things, it’s not based upon anything from a script or a classroom, a curriculum, nothing like that. This is what I live by. This is how I transform my life. I want to help people in any way to help them seek truth and achieve results. And if you really want change in your life, you have to get creative. You have to have habitual action that nurtures growth and expansion. Do you get that? We got to get creative habitual action that has nurtured growth and expansion. And you got to love yourself.

What’s love? Listen, observe, volunteer everything. That’s what I do in my meditation. I listen to myself. I observe my thoughts, and I volunteer everything. My higher self, my finite body needs. Mind, body, and soul. Unity of polarity, the unity of duality. I love you guys so much. I’m so happy to be here and grateful, Tawny, that you changed my life. Let me speak my truth and be here in front of you. Curtis, God bless you as well.

And guys, follow me on Instagram. Please do. Bill Kay, official, Bill Kay Griffith, official on Instagram. Reach out to me on my website, I’m going to start the 30-day change in January. This is an awesome opportunity. I want to give you guys at least 50% off just to be a part of this because this is going to change your life. It takes 30 days to make new neural networks in our brain that are scientifically proven 30 days to change your life. I’m going to give that to you for 50% off. Do you want them to text you to get the link to come up? Perfect. Everybody gets their phone out. Let’s get it. Thank you, Curtis.

Everybody ready? 316-650-9635.


Send your first and last name. Bill. B-I-L-L. Griffith. He was asking what you said. Oh yeah. Just send me. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. Just send me your name and the healing conference. Perfect.

Hey, there you go. Forget about it, huh? Just get right to the solution. Be in the solution. That is not the problem.

Who’s the last word for the phone number? Yes. 9635.

Okay. So, just to wrap things up, thank you guys for giving me the time. Let’s bring this in for a landing. You know, a while back, I decided that it’s okay to be happy every day.

And our higher self, soul, and God within don’t know anything about the future. Doesn’t know anything about the past. It only knows about right now. So we talk about anything. It’s in the present moment because what is now never obsessing and want because you’re whole never obsessing one. You’re right here right now. I’ve got everything. I’m holding. Right. That’s it right here, right now. And I am enjoying being happy today. I am enjoying being happy today. I’m enjoying being happy today. Can somebody help me out? I am enjoying being happy today. I am enjoying being happy today—one last time. I am enjoying being happy today. Give yourselves a big round of applause. Thank you guys. Thank you so much. Another piece to you all. Thank you.

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