Cathy Reilly

Cathy Reilly, Sharing the Shine, Leadership Coach, Speaker

Cathy Reilly is the CEO of Sharing the Shine, a Personal Leadership Coach, Wellness Specialist, and International Speaker. After two decades of advocating for others in the litigation arena, Cathy realized most people, including herself, lack the faculty to self-advocate. Cathy uses her education in psychology, business, and NLP, alongside her research and fact-finding skills, to develop and master processes that unlock potential, navigate change, drive growth, and create success in life and business leading to happiness, balance, prosperity, and fulfillment. She truly believes the foundation of success lies within us and our daily choices.

Cathy is the Amazon best-selling author of Unleash Your Inner Voice, an Introvert’s Guide to Overcoming the Itty-Bitty Shitty Committee.

Cathy serves on the board for Colorado Business Women, Healthy Denver, Inc. and leads the Speaker Pro system at Achieve Systems. In her spare time, Cathy can be found paddle boarding, running outside with her puppy, or romping through the hills of Colorado on her horse, BeauJo.

She currently lives in Denver with her husband, daughter and beloved animals.

Helping you navigate your next challenge and combat your Itty-Bitty $hitty Committee.


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