Connie V Wyatt

Connie Wyatt is a Rodeo Barrel Racing Girl at heart.

Having competed in many barrel races, you can see the love she has for this by watching her race. She has been doing this since she was a little girl. Her Uncle Dave told her father that had she been give the same opportunity as her brother, she would of accomplished anything she set her heart to.

Over the years she had competed in many rodeos. This November she will compete in the Southwest Desert Classic – Bust’em Our barrel race. She enjoys going to each and every one of them. Being a cowboy, rodeo cowboy or cowboy at heart means to her that you are preserving and passing down a part of our American heritage, a part of our history.

From a broken young wife and mother many years ago, she has achieved so much in life because of determination to make life better for herself and her children, who are successful adults now. Her first marriage was one filled with horrible abuse. She was finally able to leave the marriage and move forward to a whole new life for her family. Determination that is still very much a part of her heart today in her barrel racing.

Connie found the love of her life and gained another family in doing so. She credits her husband Steve to being a big part of her journey now. She also credits God to blessing her life immensely by the ability to do these amazing barrel races and surviving her past life.

Connie Wyatt’s story can be read in full on her website: Connie V. Wyatt – Pearls of Wisdom (



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