Donnie Martinez

A carpenter by trade and a happily married father of 2 children, Donnie Martinez is a….

Child of God who devotes each day to the path God has set before him. Having been saved from generational alcohol and addiction, Donnie Martinez now spends much of his time mentoring peer counselors and other addiction professionals. Sharing with them the keys to tapping into the divine pathway God has offered each of us. In order to open up the peace and love of a relationship with God.

Growing up with a growth hormone disease, Donnie was undersized all of his life and faced unique challenges and a long road of treatment. Along with the torment of peers and authority figures associated with being a foot smaller than everyone around him. He responded by training in the martial arts. Eventually competing in judo in college and later becoming a pro mixed martial arts fighter as well as southern Colorado’s first MMA promoter.

A carpenter by trade, Donnie also worked as a stockbroker and banker when a serious back injury forced him out of the trades. A long rehab process led to his (sent with love effect) first struggles with addiction. Pain pills and alcohol had become a crutch for the physical and mental ills. Given anti-anxiety meds to alleviate the struggle, he soon found himself addicted to those as well.

After a decade long battle, Donnie was able to break free of the chains of addiction only by the grace of God. After receiving prophetic words from God, Donnie immediately decided to start of a path of recovery- including detox, rehab, and staying at a sober living facility.

Three years of sober recovery had been the mightiest blessing God has granted him. It allowed Donnie to fully reconnect with his loving with and 2 thriving teen children. And He has rebuilt a career as a carpenter specializing in high end model homes.

Now in active recovery, Donnie spends much of his time with his wife and kids in the Colorado outdoors: hiking, biking, rock climbing, 4wheeling, and roof top camping.

Donnie’s main passion now is sharing his testimony from God with others wanting to walk a path of healing. Sharing the key elements of what pulled him out of the depths of addiction and into a glorious life of walking a path with God.

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