Dr. Michael Peters

Dr. Michael Peters, a best-selling author and life coach,

has devoted over three decades to assisting adults in overcoming depression without medications. His approach merges physical health with emotional and spiritual healing. Specializing in combating feelings of isolation and despair often associated with chronic depression, Dr. Peters employs personalized life coaching strategies. His goal? To empower his clients to break free from depression, rediscover happiness, and rekindle their love for life.
The passion Dr. Peters has to see people live free from depression without meds results from his son‘s struggle. His son battled depression for several years and had one life-threatening suicide attempt. God intervened in a miraculous way to enable his son to recover from the suicide attempt. Then, over several months, Dr. Peters’ son overcame all his symptoms. His son is not taking any medications and has lived free from depression for several years. Through this process, Dr. Peters learned that the best results for treating depression happened when there was a focus on restoring health in body, mind, and spirit.

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