Dr. Rosalind Willis

Dr. Rosalind Willis (Coach Roz) The Birthing Purpose Coach

Dr. Rosalind Willis, Coach Roz is a stroke survivor and an 18-year-old Chron’s survivor. She has a passion to serve and reach the lost at any cost. She has a passion to empower every person she encounters. Her quote is “As long as you have a pulse you got a purpose” She is an International Public Speaker, Domestic Violence Survivor and Advocate, human rights activist, Humanitarian, Global Ambassador, Author of 15 books, and 5X International Bestseller. She is a wife, mother of 6, and Nana of 13. She has been an Ordained Evangelist for 30 years and has a passion for outreach ministry. She is a ministry educator and CEO of several businesses. She is the Founder of BPMI Ladies Club Global Outreach, a Non-profit Organizations that brings women from all walks of life together to help, support, uplift, and give them life skills and tools to improve their lives. She does this through her quarterly empowerment teas she has been hosting now for 9 years in her community. Dr. Rosalind is a voice for the voiceless and she uses her own life as a testimony that no matter what comes your way you can not only survive but thrive. She hosts ladies’ tea outreaches to bring women together for empowerment, sisterhood, fellowship, and love. She is affiliated with multiple female organizations. Dr. Rosalind is the CEO and founder of Bpmi Leadership & Lifecoaching Institute where she certifies life coaches and ministry leaders to help them become vested and ready to walk in what God has called them to do.. She is a member of the International Society of Female Professionals. She is a member of WWCA, She is the Lubbock State Chair for G100 Oneness & Wisdom Wing. She is on the board of Directors for Caprock Writers & Illustrators Alliance for Lubbock Texas. She is also a member of the Caprock Writers & Illustrators Alliance. She is A Global Ambassador for TGA, She is The Global Executive Director for Celina Fashion Magazine. She is a Global Ambassador for BPMI LADIES CLUB GLOBAL, She is a Global Diversity Leader for Face of Women of Hearts, She is the US Representative for The New Country Birland She is one of the Host of IIU Successful Living Global Talk Show out of the country of India. She is the host of Coach Roz TV which is on Fire Stick and Roku, her show “Keeping It Real With Coach Roz Coming Off Mute: Is a global talk show with a reach of up to 3 million audience. Dr. Rosalind recently received The Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award Endorsed by President Joe Biden for her local and global work in humanitarianism. She will be the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate from Global International Alliance on June 17, 2023, in Atlanta Ga for her work in her community and globally. Dr. Rosalind believes that we can all change the world for the better one person at a time

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