Dr. Smiley Speaking at The Healing Conference

Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Smiley. Thank you, Bobby. Thank you very much, beautifully done.
I have some giveaways here, so let me make them handy. I want to give some notes. Everyone’s doing a beautiful job speaking from their heart, and that is wonderful. I will give you some notes on how this can change your trajectory by having a formula that I use to actually have an impact.

Okay, that didn’t trip me. Hopefully, nothing else will, either. Let’s see here… I love obstacle courses. Keep smiling, keep smiling, baby. All right. So, I think the giveaways will be better suited… actually, they’re great here.

All right, so I typically use a computer with the lovely remote. So today, I am going to use the memory of that presentation to give to you. I first want to acknowledge T. Lee for being the power of one and bringing us together as a community. So, a big round of applause went to T. Lee. You know, she’s the beginning of a tipping point. She’s done this three times, and when you have someone who is actually committed to a vision, what happens is inevitable that there will be a tipping point.

All of you who create magic here are because of her vision. The ripple effect that happens beyond this is a result of her vision. So, I want to make sure that we all do the Facebook Live, we all do the tagging, we all do everything we can to get this out in the world. Because it’s not just a tipping point we’re creating, it’s actually we’re going to double ourselves, quadruple ourselves.

So, Anita, you gave me this. To get to this podium today, Nita has a quote here. It says, “God created our toes pointed forward so we wouldn’t walk backward throughout our life.” What’s interesting about that is that it is one of the reasons I’m here today. About seven years ago, I did a free event called the Ultimate Spear Competition. I did it for free, and I didn’t know why, and it cost me money to do things for free, right? Then, he called me about four or five years later and said, “Thank you for doing that event for free. I’d like you to be the one who helps me launch my new event called the Ultimate Spear Competition.” I said, “Great.” He said, “What’s the budget?” He says, “Free.”

If I hadn’t said yes, I wouldn’t have met Jesse Cruz. If I hadn’t met Jesse Cruz and done one of his events as a strategic partner, I wouldn’t have met Desiree. If I didn’t meet Desiree, I couldn’t have done We Women. And if I didn’t go to New York four times after being beaten financially to figure out what the heck you need to do to make money, to actually have a Jumbotron create impact… And Curtis knows that is a tricky thing. Doing media and creating ROI are tricky things. But if you create a campaign, you’ll always win if you’re committed to the vision.
I was at the Edge; anyone heard of The Edge in New York City? It’s a multi-million dollar phenomenal architecture wonder. You can go up to the very top and see all of New York. You can look through the glass, and you can even lay down and look like this and have people take pictures, and it looks like you’re falling through the air.

And I made the beautiful mistake of stepping on T. Lee’s toes, and because of that, I apologized, and we made a connection, and that’s why I’m here today. So all that had to happen. The reason I’m saying that is that Anita and I had breakfast this morning, and we talked about ROI. What is the ROI you get from being here today? It’s probably almost nothing unless you do something that continues the momentum of a relationship and a conversation.

How many of you got a smile card today? Okay, and this is an interesting one. This is what I want you to think about. You got a smile card, you took a picture, and I said, “Please, text me.” How many of you did that? A couple of people, right? Look at the opportunity. When Curtis goes up and he says, “Text me,” and we have a conversation, that’s 10,000. When Wendy holds up something and says, “The first three people who text immediately,” when Wendy puts that up, okay, who texted immediately when Curtis did his? Notice the hands.

When you show up for people like them, they’re giving their heart, giving everything they can to make you more successful. Magic happens. And if you watch a conference, you will
leave a conference basically with a low ROI.

I am now scheduled with you, Wendy, and I’m scheduling with Curtis. And I don’t know what’s going to come out of it, but I know if I show up, something beautiful can come out of it. I’m going to make my number clear here so you guys can text, and we’ll see how well you do moving forward. All right, 202-701-0911.

How many of you have two phones? Just you guys? Okay, Curtis has three. Yes, I have two phones but don’t get too impressed about that. It really is just a new decision I made in my 13th year of doing public speaking publishing and campaign marketing. I heard someone say, “I have two phones. I give one phone to a social media-friendly person. I say, ‘Can you take this phone and video everything and just put it on my social media?’ And I have my own phone with me.” And I heard him say that, and I thought, “Wow, if you have one phone that you make available to the world, and you have your other phone available to your clients and your partners, then you have a phone for the inner circle, and you have a phone that doesn’t matter how many people see it.”

How many of you get phone calls from solicitors? How many of you get annoyed by that? Okay, I don’t. I love it when they call me. I take as much of their time as I possibly can. And they go through their whole spiel, and I say, “I am so sorry, I wasn’t paying attention to anything you said. Can you repeat it one more time?” And then sometimes, I say, “Hey, would it be okay if I get your phone number, and when you’re going to eat dinner, I’d like to call you back then?” That’s the one you got to do, right? And then sometimes, I say, “I would like to send you $30,000 for this cause that you want.” And they say, “Really? $30,000?” I said, “Actually, 50,000.” I said, “We are taking you off the call list.” I said, “No, please keep me on there. Please.”

So, this number will get you all these books and more. It’s my 47th book, so my bio’s a little old. “Pocket Full of Gratitude.” It has 101 things that I’m grateful for. And I say on my last one, “Ultimately, my son, for inspiring me not to do 100, but 101 things I’m grateful for.” And the last one, I reserve for you, Kenny. You are a rock star, and you inspire me every day to do my very best version of myself. And when I’m not, I remember I can choose to be positive and powerful, just like you. I give this to you.

And then, uh, Trevor, sorry, TR, I have this because your last message was gratitude. You can come up and get that later. All right, but you have a gratitude book. This is the person that brought me to Colorado Springs. How many of you know Dr. Michelle Moroz? If you tagged her, there’s a reason in that little story. I said that she was the ultimate speaker competition and brought me to Colorado Springs. And I have roughly about 10 clients as a result of those referrals.

I give this book to my toes quote person. This is Rhode Island. How many people know that Rhode Island is the smallest state? So Anita was born there, and I was too. I decided to make a book about Rhode Islanders that brings smiles to the world. And I went to a conference, and that conference had 200 authors. And my ROI for going to that conference was zero.
If I went to the conference to get money, then it would show up that way. But if I went to build relationships, it actually shows up that way. And to, uh, comment on sales, I think sales is one of the most beautiful words there is if you know the real definition of sales. Sales are solving problems and creating relationships at a massive value so it lasts forever. That’s sales. If you’re doing sales transactionally, it shows up that way.

If I went to this conference here and said, “Alright, I’m selling this. I’m selling. I want to tell you about me.” If you go to my Facebook page, almost everything I’m doing today is about everyone else. The reason why is, if I help you, do I have to help myself? Do I have to help myself if I help you? No, because it’s taken care of. So, this is for you, my dear Anita. So much I appreciate you. Thank you.

This is a Colorado Springs book that Michelle Morz created. It tells her story in the back. Any of you who got your photo taken will be put in here as long as you communicate your last name and email so I can get you a picture of it. This is a book that any of you can get. All you have to do is text me and say, “We want all the free books.” This is a book of all the different languages—we have 48 languages. We just did our 48th language, and it’s New York, it’s BR, it’s Brooklyn. Since you like accents, oh, you don’t say? That’s you ready? So, it’s not “keep smiling,” it’s “hey, you keep smiling.” And we actually have “hey, you,” and we developed it for the Aussies: “Keep smiling, mate.” And we did it for the Canadians: “Keep smiling, eh?” And then we did it for the Jamaicans. I just had a Jamaican photographer fly up to Times Square, and it’s “keep smiling, man.” And I’m telling you, it’s so funny, just the simple little aspect of that massive connection. And people that have walked with me, when I give a card, you see someone just light up because a smile is gratitude. I did my dissertation on what is your SP. Does anyone want to guess what that is? Smiles per hour, baby, that’s right. How many of you believe that if your smiles per hour were higher, your journey in life would be better? Absolutely.

So, if you want a book like this, which is 50 years of me doing books, reading books, and putting a whole dissertation together, this explains 21 attributes of having a higher SP. It’s ironic, the higher SP is, do you know what you actually get to? You get back to wonder. A child has no stress, right? And when you have wonder, everything’s fascinating, everything’s a miracle, and everything is exciting. So, if any of you want this, uh, there’s a woman that is not here. She’s a wonderful woman, and her name is Gail Hamilton. And she helped me create this book called “Blind.” She lives in Denver. Am I taking care of my authors right now? There’s the camera right there. Every single time you guys want to see this, take a picture of it and help Gail out. Do you know, I’m going to show you the formula in a little while about why authors fail 99% of the time? That’s pretty crazy. 99% of the time they fail.

In this book, would you like to see who the author is? What does the author look like? That’s Gail. Okay, let’s go to the first page. Here, her first page starts with the sunrise. That nice? Her last page, I love this last page, her last page says me holding this book and looking at myself in the mirror, right? Awesome. So, she wrote a book about what it is to be blind in a sighted world. And I came up with this idea for her; this was on me. I gave it to her as a gift. The blind have three things they have to deal with that are massive challenges: one, traffic lights; two, websites; and three, the biggest, unemployment. They are functioning perfectly, just like us, and they have like 65 or 70% unemployment. Crazy. And I said, “I would like to make a book that awakens people about it.” It says, “If you can read this, you are experiencing one of God’s greatest gifts: Vision.” It has so many complex treasures: depth perception, peripheral vision, and even perceptual speed. It goes on to say, and I encourage you to read this, take a picture of it, and get it out to the world. Will that help Gail? Will it help the blind? Yes. And will it help the sighted? Oh, there you go.

All right, so here’s the formula. This will change your life. That’s a formula, but it’s not done to scale. Would anyone like to take a guess what that means? It’s my formula. I’ll give you a small hint; it’s not the best hint in the world, but it’s a small hint. That’s a little bit of a hint. What do you think of this? What’s the first thought that comes to you? I mean, I would have to try and figure it out from my seat, so I’m asking you, what are you thinking? Is I an inspiration? Great job! I is not only inspiration, it’s also income, it’s also impact. So, I impact, income, and inspiration. When you have more income, can you be more inspiring? Absolutely. And if you have more income, can you have more impact on the world? Yes. So, the I is all three. Very good, and you get a prize later. Okay, I’ll make sure you get a prize. What’s your name? Sally. Sally, um, I think Bobby and I were talking, and Sally came right between us, and she says, “If you guys could kind of make way, I can get through here. I got bad knees, and it’s going to take a long time to go around you or Bobby.” And I said to Bobby, “I’m glad she explained all that; otherwise, she would have been delayed in getting through the passage.” But you get a prize, good job. Okay, so we got a little hint here, and we got another hint that C is not represented correctly. It’s that. Remember, I said 99% of authors fail. 99%. 99% is a significant number. 99% of authors fail. That’s a pretty bold statement to say. What does failure mean, uh, in the concept of what you would use in any application? What is failure? Giving up. You got it. It’s not doing it ever again. So, 99% of authors do a book and never do another book. You heard me. I have 40, and that bio is only like eight months or nine months old. I got 47 books. My son has inspired me to do 60 books. I’m going to do one of them with Tonni Lea. He has done 12 books in 10 years, and he started with one book at age 6 on March 20th, 2020. During the pandemic, Daddy lost 380 jobs, 380 events, and my livelihood. I said to Kenny, “He became my first client. I said, ‘Kenny, you should do a book.'” He said, “What would I do a book about?” “Do a book in-jokes; that’s funny.” He says, “How would I do that?” He said, “Google jokes, and if they make you laugh, put them in a book.” So, I’ll show you that in a second.

So, if you have any other comments about this content, okay, I’ll give them to you. Content. Content. I had so, you are all content. You’re all content. The impact that you’re having is based on your distribution. And most people don’t have distribution. Most people have phenomenal content because that’s what they focus on. I focus on distribution. My content is gravy. I mean, it’s the extra part. I’ve studied extremely hard to get content in my life, but distribution is my gift. I have a show called “Amplified.” “Amplified,” amplify—if you look up in the definition, it is to amplify, it’s made louder with purity. That is “Amplified.” You hear about distortion; you make something really loud, it’s a bad system, and it gets distorted. That’s not amplified. All right, that’s noise all right, so distribution, content, distribution, impact. People put all their effort into content. Would you agree with that? Would you agree? Okay, so would you agree it’s a bold statement? Would you say most authors and speakers put 99% of their effort into content? If you put 99% of your effort into content, something that small and has that much of an impact on this, what do you think happens? Nothing. You’re putting all your eggs in one basket that doesn’t go anywhere. I can actually have okay content and a phenomenal distribution plan, and I’ll make a fortune. My content happens to be pretty decent, but it’s not the best. But I can compensate for this big time. I put $100,000 behind anything I do, content-wise. And Curtis and I have had a wonderful conversation. I love this, and I see his content is fantastic, but he also has a mind for distribution. So when he says he’s got value, I tell you, I listen in because he understands this part of it. So, isn’t it funny that 99% of people fail? If we put 99% of our energy into the distribution, they would win. Most publishers say, “I would like to help you get a book done.” Let me show you what this looks like. We have a program. It’s called “Make a Book, Move a Book, Book a Sale.” Imagine you get a—um, you get a publisher. He says, “I’m going to help you make a book. Would you like to have a book made?” You say, “Yes, I would.”

They say, ‘We will format it, edit it, make a cover, and we’re going to do an Amazon bestseller. We’re doing all these things.’ And then, ‘Here’s your baby, bye-bye.’ Oh, yeah, is that the truth? You just saw a content plan that was all content from here to there. Do you know what our plan is? We’re going to make a book, get a cover, edit it, format it, launch it, and now we’re starting to actually do a distribution plan. Now, and distribution plan… two years.
I think of a book like an infant, like a baby. If you had a baby and the doctor gave you the baby and said, ‘Here, here’s your baby,’ and you went, ‘Okay, did that, done. I am done making a baby.’ And then you say, ‘Okay, we don’t need the nourishment, we don’t need to raise it, we have no responsibility anymore. Good luck, baby.’ Right? Insane. But yet, we do that with a book.

Is a book a legacy item? Yes. If it’s a legacy item, you have to take it with you. How many of you are authors? My daughter, how many of you have your book with you? Wendy, I want to acknowledge she gave me her book. You, IND, you already gave me your book. T, you already did. When you have a book, don’t look at it as ‘This is my $20, you can’t have it.’ If I give this book to another speaker, I’m going to give you a different book. I’ve made a connection that’s more valuable than $20. This is a business card. Don’t look at this as a trophy of $20. I might have a conversation.

What’s your name? John. John, I could have a conversation with John that costs me $4 that yields us thousands instead of John getting 20 bucks, and he’s like, ‘I really don’t want to buy it.’ But if I give it as a gift, he has it, he’s curious, he reads a couple of pages, he goes, ‘Alright, this is worth having a conversation.’ That’s the ROI, Anita, of a book.

Alright, and then you say something like, ‘John, when I give you this book, let me give you a good one.’ ‘I wouldn’t mind that one.’ ‘You wouldn’t mind this one? I wouldn’t mind that one at all.’ ‘It’s yours.’ ‘I’ve never said ‘yours’ on stage before. It’s yours.’

Alright, so watch what I do with John. This is really important. Some people do this: they just give a book, ‘Here you go.’ That’s it. Watch what I do. ‘John, would you like this book?’ ‘I would love that.’ ‘Would you read it?’ ‘After what you just told us, yes.’ ‘Great. Because if he’s going to read it, I would love to give him this book. He’s not going to read it; it’s going to go somewhere, right? When you read it, can I reach out to you later and get a review if you like it?’ ‘If you like it, yeah.’ ‘Great.’ Complete change.

Okay, the power of a conversation is so vital. So, does this change how you would look at a book from now on? And does this change how you will succeed? This is massive. I’m telling you, I don’t do 700 books because I don’t know this formula. I’m doing 700 books. We are looking at doing 300 books next year. In one year, we’ve done 700 since the conception of our company 14 years ago. Mind you, Bobby said I had a mom who had Alzheimer’s. I was a DJ before that. I was a caregiver for three years for my mom. And God told me my pathway was to buy a camera for $25,000, have my wife want to strangle me, okay, and take pictures of people and capture their beautiful spirit. And when I captured their beautiful spirit, it lit things up. Facebook went crazy. I was getting 30,000 people coming to my page a week. And then, all of a sudden, doors started opening. In six months of having my Umbrella Syndicate, White House, four times, I couldn’t believe it. I was getting all these invites just because I was capturing something as simple as a smile.

Seven years later, a man named Barry Shore, a Jewish man, gave me a Keep Smiling card. You guys have seen these things before. He handed this to me. Ever heard of CEOSpace? CEOSpace is kind of a predecessor of a Chief. If you notice in Chief, if you ask, probably 30% of the people there lost their founder of CEOSpace, which was Bernie Dorman, who died during COVID. So, Achieve scooped up a lot of people that were looking for a place to network. Seven years into my journey, after my mom passed, a guy handed me a card, a Jewish man. I got the card, and I was fixated. Could not believe what I was receiving. The world made sense, finally. After seven years of taking pictures of people with smiles, I didn’t know what I was doing. I just knew I loved it. He handed me the card, and he saw me stop dead in my tracks. I go, ‘What is this?’ And he goes, ‘It’s a smile card.’ And I go, ‘No, I know, no. But why do you have it? What is it for?’ And he goes, ‘I go, what do you do with it?’ He goes, ‘Oh, I give someone a card, and I give them another card to give to somebody else.’ I go, ‘This is your whole explanation for this card? I mean, that’s it?’ I said, ‘Do you have a website for it?’ And he goes, ‘No.’ I said, ‘Do you take pictures of people that have the card?’ And he goes, ‘No.’ I kept asking questions, and all of them were no. And I was… it was like God saying, ‘This guy needs a distribution plan.’
I said to him after I had my… anyone ever seen The Blues Brothers? Okay. When he sees the light, he goes, ‘I see the light,’ and then he rolls through the church. I felt like that when he handed me this card. I was blown away. I said, ‘I want to build a movement for you.’ I wanted to see how serious he was. So I said, ‘I need you to send me a lot of cards.’ He says, ‘How many, like 10,000?’ I said, ‘No, more than 10,000 cards.’ He said, ‘20,000 cards?’ I said, ‘More than that.’ He said, ‘50,000 cards?’ I said, ‘More than that.’ He says, ‘Well, tell me, how many cards do you want?’ I said, ‘100,000 cards.’ He says, ‘Okay, I’ll send them to you this week.’ Did I know I had the right person in just a couple of words? He says, ‘I’ll send you 100,000 cards.’ That cost him $900 minimum. Minimum. I mean, shipping, everything, it was 42 boxes of cards. And I’m talking big boxes, not your little guys, okay? I got them. And the reason I got asked for 100,000 is I didn’t want to do this distribution plan with a thousand. It wasn’t going to have the impact I wanted. So I asked for 100,000. We have now gone from 1 million to 4 million people have these cards. I have people who will take a picture of this at a Southwest terminal, and they’ll say, ‘Ken’s been here,’ or ‘Someone’s been here that has a smile card.’ Because I love giving these to everybody. And the reason I love giving them to them is because of the message of gratitude. If someone is smiling and you say, ‘Keep smiling,’ they’ll say, ‘I already am.’ I go, ‘I know, that’s why I said keep.’ And if they’re not smiling, they have a wake-up call. There are so many things to be grateful for. I’m so grateful for my son. I can never not smile. And by the way, when my son’s mad, I can look at him and say, ‘Are you mad, Kenny?’ And he just cannot… he cannot hold it. So we have this thing where we don’t even need to talk. We just start smiling at each other. So this card means everything to me, but it could mean everything to you, too, because it will increase your SPH.

I have people who put this on their computer screen and put it in their bathroom. Do you notice my name’s on the right? And anything that’s on the back is so you can get more hope and more smiles. It’s not a sale. In other words, this is a committed movement. It’s not a business. And here’s what’s funny.

Karma happens every day. I give this out, right, every day. So, if you can move to making a difference and serving other people, abundance takes care of itself every single time. I cannot give a lot of these books away because I’m going from city to city, but let’s see what else I can give away here.

Oh, this is something – if you saw the book that Barry Shore did first, it had a gray background, and he was holding a staff, looking angry. It said, ‘Slay stress. Stress is a killer. Slay stress.’ Got it? I asked Barry how his sales were going. He said, ‘They’re going alright.’ And I mean, he’s a super joyful person. I told him, ‘Barry, your cover is holding you back. 99% of the reason someone picks up a book is the cover. When you say, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover,’ that’s the one that gets you to pick it up. You don’t buy it yet; you buy it when you see a phenomenal copy. Copy is done wrong most of the time. Most authors write, ‘I am great. This book is great.’ That’s the worst copy you can write. Do you want to know what copy you should write? ‘If you are dealing with this, this book will help you get through it. This testimonial says it’s true. This author is the best at this particular problem.’ I’m telling you that upwards of 90% of people write bad copy on the back. Curtis, am I on point with that one?

It’s like you just spent nine months writing a book, then you write bad copy to push people away or spend $100 on a cover that Fiverr did, and this is your life. My covers are phenomenal. I stand behind them because I have worked with them for two years. Can you imagine having to say, ‘I wish I’d spent a lot more money on this cover’ for two years? This cover is a joy.
So, Barry did another book called ‘Oh, Shift,’ and I was the one who came up with the simple idea: have it so they have to shift to actually start reading it. When you start reading it, you go, ‘Oh shoot, I have to shift to start reading it.’ That’s an interesting way to start thinking about a book. Can you cause someone to shift their habits and the things holding them back, like their imposter syndrome, all the things sabotaging their success?

This book is right here. It is one of my favorite books, just a recent one, ‘Cowboy Joe.’ Pick a number, please, one to 500. Three? Wow, you’re going early. Okay, let’s see. ‘Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction.’ I open up every one of my shows by asking my guests to pick a number. Go ahead, pick a number. 25? Oh, you had to go there, didn’t you? ‘You can’t tell how good a man or a watermelon is till they get thumped.’ This book is brilliant.

I love this guy; he’s actually got the whole shooting match. And I said, ‘This book’s too thick, man.’ So, he’s going to do volume one, part one, part two, and then he’s going to extend this to 365 pages. The whole shooting match. It’s a brilliant book because he doesn’t just give you, ‘Horses lend us the wings we lack.’ Okay, that’s pretty cool, but he gives an explanation on the side of what the quote is. ‘The trail might be tough, but it’s the journey that counts,’ and he tells how that affects him. So, it’s a really cool book.

And he’s got it now, and I – we did it in four different versions. So, we have it in a pocket size, much like these guys here, but man, is it thick. It’s like that big, but people wanted to buy it so they could fit it in their pocketbook. And that’s another thing to think about: Are you giving your book in the way that people want to digest it? I think that you should always do a pocket version, preferably one that’s 100 pages or less, so you can actually fit it in your pocket. This one is a little hard to fit in the pocket, but you know why we did this one? Because people want to buy a book they can put on their bookshelf and see that it fits there, right?

But Audible – Audible is a really good way to do it. We do Audible. Hope I don’t offend the men, but 85% of men don’t read. We don’t even know how to use the language. We use roughly 4,000 words less than a woman per day. So, Audible is an answer for anybody who’s doing a book if you want a male audience because a man’s going to say, ‘Boop, boop, boop.’

Alright, here’s a fun thing: the 50 Book Challenge. How many of you would like to write three or four books next year that you didn’t have to think too much about and it wouldn’t cost you too much? Think about this: this is social proof at the highest level.

How many minutes do I have left? I know I’m getting close. Uh, 15? Oh, really? I’m okay. I’m really – I did more than I thought I could do at this time. Alright, so, the 50 Book Challenge. I’m going to give you some ideas to write a book that will have so much impact and have you land in someone’s mind, top of mind.

So, you know, one book is called ‘Luck,’ right? Everyone can download a book, but two books? You got someone’s eyebrow going up a little bit, like, ‘Oh, they’re pretty serious about doing a book.’ But when you can get three or four books, you have a person who’s actually cranking books out, and also, the perception is that they’re succeeding with their books. Would that be agreeable? So, a perception campaign is what we’ve mastered.

A perception campaign is pretty interesting. You’re here – okay, I’m not going to do any markers, but I’m just giving you the illustration. You’re here, and a perception campaign puts you here. Are you with me? Okay. A perception campaign to become a reality campaign. Are we clear? The perception campaign is here to become a reality campaign. This would be time. Would you agree with that? That’s time.

Do you know what the difference is between whether it goes this way or goes back down this way? Do you know the difference? Long? Yeah, of course, but okay. You’re here. You’re, let’s say, one out of ten, okay? Or one out of a hundred. It doesn’t matter. We do – you’re one out of a hundred, and you want to be here. So, your perception is that we’re selling you.

Has anyone ever heard of Obama or Trump? Has anyone ever heard of those guys? Oh, yeah, okay. Without getting political, they both wanted to be president. So, they sold a perception campaign that they were going to be president. Is that true? Yeah. And a lot of people didn’t think they’d become president if you recall. At the very beginning, no one thought Obama would make it, no one thought Trump – am I right? Okay. So, they were here, and they wanted to be here.

How did they become president, or how did they not become president? They became president, so obviously, that’s their campaign, and that’s their timetable. This is a very interesting piece on social proof. Ready for it? You go this way if your perception campaign’s integrity. You go this way if it’s not.

A scammer cannot create a perception campaign that lasts because they’re transactional, and they just want your money, and they run. So, they go like that, back to reality. Their reality is here. The difference between a person who sells from the stage and gives you massive value and someone who gives you a scheme is social proof. Most people will not Google someone. So, let’s say I’m super inspiring, but I’m a scammer. Could you find out I’m a scammer by Googling me? No. Yes, you can. You can, oh, most definitely.

Yes. Get – what are the two signs that I’m inspiring? I got everyone here; they’re really revved, they love it, and I’m offering you something, and I’m a scammer. What are the two signs that I am a scammer by Googling? By Googling. A lot of negative reviews, and the other one is no reviews. If you have no reviews, you have not proven you’ve ever done anything good. Now, if I am inspiring you, I got something so great to offer you, it’s worth $100,000, I’m only charging you $30,000, people are like, ‘Man, I don’t know if I have $3,000 in my pocket.’ But you Google and it says, ‘Best money I ever spent in my life.’ Are you going to find that $30? If the $30 would make you $300, would it be a good idea to spend the $30? If I sell something for $5,000, but I give you zero value, that is a very bad decision, and that is a very good decision.

That’s what we do with our authors. We find heart-centered leaders who want to do a book and are hungry to make a difference in the world. So, we can do a distribution plan for two years. It’s really simple, you know. Uh, I didn’t want to raise my hand, Trent, when you said, “How many of you are having an easy time in business?” I didn’t want to raise my hand because I didn’t want to disturb your flow. But I would have raised my hand. It is easy to do business if you take care of your customers. Just serve your customers, and business becomes really easy. And that would have been my answer, but I knew you were on a flow. And I love this tie. I was like, “That tie, you got to.”

So, here are some books to read. Most people wouldn’t believe this, but it’s 100% true. My son’s first book was the joke book. How many of you have kids, a grandkid? How old is your kid, child? 25 and 33, so it’s a little old for this one. How about… How many of yours? Who’s got a 10-year-old or somewhere around there? You do. Your girlfriend’s got a six-year-old. Alright, they’re just three to 13. I already got a book for you, Curtis. So, you want that one, you want this one. Alright, here we go.

Kenny, before March 20th, 2020, the pandemic, was a massive introvert. Hated his voice, hated being videotaped, hated his photo being taken. If I snuck and took a video, and he heard me playing it for someone, he would run and say, “Delete, delete, delete.” And I had, fortunately, an extra copy, so I’d always delete it in front of him and have an extra one. Right? He’s the cutest kid. I mean, if you follow him, he has such a great mind. And he did this book, and I said, “Hey, Kenny, you got your first book. We got to go get you on a podcast.” And here is his face, “What? I didn’t know that was part of the deal. I thought the book was it.”

And, uh, when we went to a conference recently, like a year and a half ago, he was asked, “Why did you do this book? Or how did you get this book done?” He says, “Well, my daddy, uh, had the pandemic happen. My daddy lost all his business, so I let him publish my book.” I really enjoyed that answer. That was too good.

So, Kenny was introverted to the level of hating his voice, his picture, and himself, basically. He was on a podcast, and his very first podcast, I said, “Kenny, you can’t sell the book if you don’t tell people the book exists. I know the secret, Kenny; please listen to your daddy.” He says, “I really don’t want to.” I said, “Kenny, do it once, and if you don’t like it, I’ll never make you do it again. But this one time, I want you to try it.”

He gets on the podcast with a wonderful lady who was hosting it, loves Kenny, and is so excited about his book. And she says, “Well, Kenny, tell us a joke.” And Kenny tells his first joke. Do you want to hear? Alright. “What did the father buffalo say to his son when he was leaving for school? Bison.” And the eruption of the podcast host, she says, “Well, tell me another.” And he shifted from being 100% introverted, “I do not like this experience. I’m not going to really like this experience,” to, “Okay, I’ll tell him that joke.” I mean, it was that much of a shift. He wasn’t out of the gate saying, “I’m gonna be a ham,” but he moved from “I don’t want to be here” to “I don’t know if I don’t want to be here.” That was massive.

By the end of the show, I said, “How was it?” And he says, “It was okay.” That is massive. I have to tell you, that’s so massive when someone does not want to do something. I said, “Can we do another show?” And he goes, “Alright, we’ll do another.” By the third show, he honestly said, “When’s the next one?” He became a ham. This book saved his life. Can you imagine his life continuing as an introvert, as an introvert who’s uncomfortable with himself?

So, I have to give this book to people electronically. We’ve given out maybe 5 or 10,000 of them. But when kids laugh, they get timing, they get more smiles, and they get more confidence. My son is not afraid to get on video. He does three or four videos a day. A day! Three or four videos a day. He never would have even done one in a lifetime. But he loves it. I say, “Kenny, can you do this video? This Barry Shore is having his birthday. His birthday was December 2nd. Can you do a birthday thing for him?” He goes, “What are my three talking points?” I go, “One, two, three.” And he goes, “Got it.” And he rolls, and it’s done. It’s done like that.

So, this is for you, my dear, because… I was… Well, you can still buy one. This one, right here, is a book about Kenny’s favorite place to go to America. This is his eighth book. I mean, these are not… These are not little light books. These are books that he did all the research. He did all the research. And he starts off in his book, like he does most of his books, “My name is Kenny. I was born on June 14th, Flag Day. I want to share some cool trivia about our wonderful country. Some people don’t realize how great our country is, and I hope this book inspires them to have pride.”

We sent this to President Biden. I have a letter from President Biden; he is holding the letter. President Biden said, “Kenny, thank you for having so much pride in our country.” And some people do actually say, when there’s an audience that’s a little more hostile, they say, “I didn’t even know President Biden could read.” What was really bad was one time someone said, “I didn’t know he could write.” So, anyway, President Biden made my son’s day. On my birthday, ironically, August 5th, two years ago, he sent a beautiful letter, and Kenny has that. It’s one of his proudest moments.

But had he not done eight books, had I not gone to my 13th CEO Space, where I didn’t know I was going to my 13th CEO Space, and Barry Shore handed me a “Keep Smiling” card. I didn’t know. I did the first free USC event uh, which was not called the Ultimate Speaking Competition. And I did another free one; I didn’t know why, but it led me here. So, showing up, taking action, texting people, taking an invitation, and causing yourself to step out of your comfort zone to be the powerful version you deserve to be.

So, this is a new book that we just did for a woman, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. We’re doing this level of work. We have a woman who just hired us to do 104 books in one year. 104. I had to say yes, just because of her conviction. She told me when I told her that I would do it and how long it would take, I said, “I can’t do this in less than a year. It’ll take us at least a year to get this all done.” She says, “I will move my back surgery because I heard when I do my back surgery, I die. I won’t see the finish of this. I want to see the finish of this before I do my back surgery.” That’s how much we create partnerships.

Um, I don’t know why, but I’m supposed to give you this book. What is your name, sir? Kent. Kent, he got the bonus, you know that, right? We couldn’t afford it over here. My mom and dad couldn’t afford the ‘t.’ I’m just Ken, but his mom and dad had the extra money to get that ‘t,’ that cross and put it together for him, and he got Kent out of it. But the one thing you can’t do, Kent, the one thing you can’t do that I can do, rarely effortlessly, is I can connect. K-N-E. And that’s not as easy. And you do understand what I’m talking about? You are not talking about it. This is for you, my friend.

That is a book of mantras. Oh, by the way, Ken, I actually want to read one thing real quick. Ken, this is my son. He has to learn half of anything before I’ll publish his book. He memorized this, and you can go to my Facebook page, The Alchemist. But Kenny, if you put him on the spot and say, “Kenny, read the bottom line. It’s about not making excuses in life.” Here it is.
The bottom line? Face it, nobody owes you a living. What you achieve or fail to achieve in your lifetime is directly related to what you do or fail to do. No one chooses their parents or childhood, but you can choose your own direction. Everyone has problems and obstacles to overcome, but that too is relative to each individual. Nothing is carved in stone; you can change anything in your life badly enough if you want to. Excuses are for losers. Those who take responsibility for their actions are the real winners in life. Winners meet life’s challenges head-on, knowing there are no guarantees, and give it all they’ve got, and never think it’s too late or too early to begin. Time plays no favorites and will pass whether you act or not. Take control of your life. Dare to dream and take action. Compete. If you aren’t willing to work for your goals, don’t expect others to. Believe in yourself.

My son can do that in 29 seconds. And there’s a lot of other good stuff in there. He knows almost everything in that book, including 60 elements: the name of the element, the number of the element, and what the element is used for in the world out of 118 elements. You can do that.
Alright, so let’s see. There is one last thing I want to show you. Who is an expert at healing? Thank you, Wendy. Who else thinks they can contribute to people that need to be healed? We have a book, Tony Lee and I, coming out. Do you think it’s going to be successful? Oh yeah. Whatever you put into this, we’ll probably put 100,000 behind it because I already spent the money to get a book out there. I will make sure that this is a very top priority.

Warrior Women was very important because that’s my mom. My mom was an eternal optimist. So, anytime I have an opportunity to serve women and serve women who are competing and causing the world to be nurtured better and inspired better, I jump in. This is a beautiful compliment to that. If you want to be part of this series, you can talk to us. You can text me and say, ‘I’d like to know more.’ It’s not a scary price tag. We do a payment plan. I guarantee you the ROI will be insane. And the ROI is, when you pay something, how much are you getting back, right? To Anita’s point, in two years, I guarantee a tipping point.

I’ll conclude with this. These comments if you look up the compilations we’ve done, you’ll see they never stop becoming the best you. Now, actually, it’s becoming the better you. Superheroes are on the spectrum, all autistic and some Aspergers. I have had the opportunity to hire two Aspergers as first employees. They are the best employees I’ll ever have. And then, of course, the art of photobombing. Didn’t mean to pick that up, but I might as well show it off, right?
But when you do a compilation, we make sure that the brand, the tribe, the message, and a tipping point do happen. And we coach you. We teach you. How many of you would find value in just learning how to use a book to market, network, and create better sales? I mean, just that by itself. The price is lower than that to be included in the whole thing. You get to go to the New York Times, see it on a Jumbotron, celebrate with all your tribe, go to the Library of Congress, and see it in 50 cities, whether you’re there or not, showing up over and over again.

So this is the beautiful book cover, and we would like to invite you to be part of it. Do you want to jump up here and do it? Okay. So, heal to be healed. We look forward to hearing from you, creating a tribe, and making the impact that we deserve to make in the world because we are heart-centered leaders. Thank you.

I’m Dr. Smiley. I’m going to say, ladies and gentlemen, he did it for us. Let’s give him another round of applause. Thank you. Thank you.


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