Healing Hearts in 12 Steps

        Healing Hearts in 12 Steps Video Course


I discovered in my recovery of being hurt so badly in an adulterous marriage, the 12 steps were perfect for helping to heal my heart, my mind, my behavior and reaction to others. The program I went through saved my life. I was so traumatized from all the betrayal and lies. I found the bottom of so many issues I had not dealt with in my own life. The hurts had festered for so many years. Going through each step revealed so many things. I was so glad to get them out and begin healing from them.

One of the greatest healings came about as I released the hurt of having an abortion in 1990 and just closing the door as though it never happened. That didn’t work at all because it was in my soul and damaged my health as well. I was able to ask for forgiveness and to celebrate the little girl I had taken away. To name her, Melissa Lea, and allow her place in my life and family. To know that one day I will meet her in Heaven. Healing #1

Finding freedom from going through the 12 steps was something that I have today and will have every day. When you do the 12 steps they become a part of your behavior and your life. Processing back through them in each matter that may arise.

This 12 step program I have put together is one I know you can benefit from too. I will walk with you through it as you do the work of restoration. Give it a try. What do you have to lose?



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