Lisa Morgan

Lisa Morgan is a Board-Certified Music Therapist and Certified Life Coach

Coming out of retirement … to launch her “Women’s Empowerment Initiative”, a business focused on “Sacred-Circle- Soul” Coaching and “Mentoring Circles” for Pregnant Women.

IN HINDSIGHT, Lisa knows her first 48 years were about “building herself up – from the inside out” …

to create a “reservoir “of inner strength, based on life experiences filled with passion, exuberance, vitality, joy, love, delight, adventure, play, & success! She knows in her heart that this period was “GOD’S PLAN” … giving her enough time to create a “memory bank” from which she would draw HOPE & ENCOURAGEMENT during her tumultuous journey through the Dark Night of the Soul.

Lisa spent years consumed by the deadly D’s … debilitating-depression, despair, despondency, and dysfunction.  Years of EXTREME suffering.

It’s now 20+ years later. Lisa has worked with too many therapists, coaches, healers, psychics, bodyworkers, and shamans to mention. It would be Bioenergetic therapy – a form of body-voice-energy work (in a soundproof room) – which facilitated her body’s breakthrough, releasing years of trapped trauma energies. This approach gave her access to the “secrets” of her subconscious …. and … the “truth” of her past.

 Lisa is a survivor of extreme childhood abuse, terror, trauma, neglect, & soul-murdering. She has no conscious memories of these experiences because she lived with complete AMNESIA & SOUL-FRACTURING for 50 years … known today as a “Dissociative Disorder”. But Lisa knows better!!!

This is NOT a DISORDER … but rather a GOD-GIVEN-GIFT FOR SURVIVAL … built into the SPIRITUAL DNA of every human being.  Early on in her journey, Lisa learned from her “baby voice” that she had a SOUL-CONTRACT with GOD … “to put an end to the generational abuse” … which had been coming down the family line for hundreds of years. IN THIS SHE TRIUMPHED!

Lisa has been married to her devoted, gentle-loving husband, JEFF for 46 years. Together, they have 3 beautiful children & one precious grandbaby. Lisa LOVES to cook, entertain, explore ethnic restaurants, travel, and create adventures! She is a life-long learner; loves books, music, movies, dancing and watching all kinds of talent shows on TV! She draws her inner strength from GOD, the angels, & communing with Pachamama. Her soul mission in life is to STOP THE SUFFERING & FREE THE SOUL TO SING & SOAR!  Lisa is a contributing author of 2 life-coaching anthologies – SACRED HEALING and HEAL THY SELF.

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