Micahl LeBaron of Chronic Illness Solutions


Michal LeBaron of Chronic Illness Solutions

Michal had a long and painful journey with chronic illnesses. Doctors described her as a “mystery” and were unable to identify what was going on with her for years. Like so many, she had to fight for proper testing and even then she still felt that something was missing.

Eventually, she found out that she had autoimmune and genetic disorders and began her journey of “managing” her symptoms through diet, lifestyle, and other holistic methods. In order to feel even remotely normal, she could eat very few foods, take many supplements every day, and avoid all of her triggers.

What did this look like for her? It meant living with a water purifier, air purifier, all non-toxic products, and holding her breath when exposed to scents or perfumes. She required weekly chiropractic and massage appointments. She had tons of products, modalities, and methods for symptom management.

It took years before Michal realized that this obviously meant she was still UNHEALTHY!

Healthy people don’t have to do all this to manage symptoms. Alongside a trusted mentor, and through her own journey from bedridden with autoimmune, genetic, and environmental illnesses to fully healthy (with no need for restrictive diets, supplements or ongoing therapies!), Michal developed a passion for teaching others to do the same.

With over 14 years of personal experience, Michal leads a team of functional medicine and holistic practitioners that believe in finding and addressing the root cause of the problem, rather than providing band-aid approaches and protocols. Using a breakthrough approach centered around nervous system regulation, Chronic Illness Solution specializes in helping those with autoimmune, genetic, and pain disorders.

Michal is now an international speaker and trains other practitioners in various healing modalities.


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