Scott Fairbanks

Scott is a long-time local of the Grand Junction area.

With nearly two decades of financial consulting and a BS in business finance, he is also the publisher of
the most-read local periodical, Grand Junction Lifestyle. See: Junction to read any
monthly issue since September of 2020. He also owns Elevate! Agency which provides diverse marketing
solutions, business financing and online sales tools. See:

As a business consultant, he helps large companies optimize operations and save millions on operational
overhead to become more profitable by spending less on energy, water, trash service and many other
overhead expenses. He provides solutions that increase revenue and care standards for medical.
organizations, often with no cost of implementation.

His personal healing journey was a long time in the making and is still ongoing as he learns and shares
the things that work, the things that are misleading in today’s era of abundant information; some
commonly accepted information that’s not-so-accurate and some, desperately needed corrections for
those who want the resources to “fix themselves” both inside and out.

As a Marine Corps veteran, he is pleased to have served. Some of the needed healing he is pursuing, is
directly related to that service and incidents now 30 years in the past. “We all heal in our own time” is a
big part of his mindset. Recent developments in his own life and events that happened over 30 years
ago, come together to inform his own healing. He hopes to share some empowering life-lessons with
others in impactful ways that will help guide them on their own journey of healing.

Tony Robbins says it something like this: “We all have messes in our lives. Some choose to stay stuck in
the mess. Some choose to move away from their mess all together. The trick is learning to get out of the
mess and only look back to discern the messages found among the mess. When you learn to do that,
you can not only have the lessons for your own growth but you can find ways to share those lessons in a
way that helps other learn from their personal adversities as well.”

Military experience and nearly three decades of consulting work in a variety of business niches have
prepared Scott for the successes he now enjoys and for many new developments on the horizon for his
business activities as well as his personal growth. Perhaps you’ll find a few valuable nuggets that aid you
in your own journey among the things he has to share.

Scott can be contacted at: [email protected],

Instagram: @asottfairbanks


On Facebook: Grand Junction Lifestyle

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