Shawn French

Shawn French, Keynote Speaker

 He has been featured on Fox40, Fox43, The Orlando Times, The Las Vegas Weekly and News Wire Magazine.

Shawn grew up in Northern California where he loved playing baseball. Earning a scholarship to Louisiana State University. While he battled many injuries while playing, he didn’t give up. He dug his heels in and went to work harder than ever.

After his years of enjoying the playing career he went into teaching at high school level and coaching baseball. Though he loved coaching he knew there was something bigger calling him. He was soon hired at an outside sales position in the HCM space and immediately became top performer. He was determined to succeed. Within 5 years in the industry, he finished in the top5% 3 times and top 10% twice.

After his time at HCM industry he sought out to take on another challenge and switched industries, Medical Device Sales, at the onset of the Pandemic. That year he finished top 10% of the company. In 2021, he elevated even more by finishing top 5% in sales.

Shawn attributes his sales success to having the right mindset every day. Having a strong emphasis on High Performance Habits. He has reinvented himself many times and his passion at heart is to help others in doing the same to succeed.

Please learn more about this great empowering speaker on his website: The Shawn French



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