TonniLea Empowerment Coach

TonniLea Empowerment Coach 

Do you have a calling in your life? Is it your heart’s desire to accomplish something?

I have learned in my 4 years of working and being in business, that I have many callings and desires.

My biggest desire is to help and serve others in areas of need and substance. The area greatest to my heart is to help women learn who they truly are, Worthy, first and foremost. This one seems to be the one that has the greatest lack. We usually don’t see ourselves as being unworthy of past experiences. In trying to help them realize their worth, other issues can be recognized and they can learn how to empower themselves  Usually, there is an issue of not taking care of themselves, and serving others until they are exhausted mentally and physically. Learning how to give appropriately is a great lesson learned.

How do we learn these things? One great challenge and behavior change could be as simple as looking into the mirror daily and telling ourselves that we are worthy, beautiful, and priceless. It takes 30 days to change behavior and 90 days to make it a habit. Encouraging them to do this every day is key. Another exercise that can help is writing notes to ourselves every morning. A reminder of who we are, and how valuable we are. So many little movements can be made, yet they are big when you begin to see progress.

One of the priceless moments of my The Healing Conference is seeing others share their stories and abilities to overcome and put great changes to use for others. What a profound gift to give to others.

So if you’ve been down a road where you had to learn new behaviors or steps, what exercise worked best for you? How did it change your behaviors?

What is the calling in your life? How will you make sure it will come to be?

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