Tracy Eleftheriadis

Tracy Eleftheriadis creator of her company, SerendipityTrekker

My name is Tracy Eleftheriadis, and in 2020, I created my company, SerendipityTrekker. I
work to empower online entrepreneurs with powerful habits to boost their inner confidence
while relaxing their nervous system with scientifically backed tools.
I believe that you are simply a set of patterned behaviors and that you can change your
mind easier than you ever thought you could!
In my coaching program, I guide my clients through the process of embracing the new version of who your
higher self is guiding you to. We dig into your feelings, set focused goals, and align your path with your human
potential. I use EFT Tapping, breathwork, and visioning and hold you accountable to reach your goals in a
supportive, loving program based on your needs. I encourage the use of joy in our work- the framework I work
from is entitled The Possibility Code.
I offer a FREE Facebook group called The Alignment Project that you can join and learn about my journey and
the techniques I teach in my program.
I would love to have you join, so you can learn the tools I teach in my coaching program.
Join me at the links below. Get curious, and ask questions- this is how you begin.

Tracy Eleftheriadis
Energy & Empowerment Coach
SerendipityTrekker, Ltd

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