Wendy Watson

Wendy Watson, is a Spiritual Therapist and CEO of TBR Spiritual Health

Wendy Watson, a Spiritual Therapist & CEO of TBR Spiritual Health, helps people overcome the trauma of divorce and cultivate healthy relationships. As a 2023 Finalist for the BBB Torch Awards for Ethics and author of Verbal Turbulence: The 70/20/10 Rule, she focuses on cultivating your inner relationships with self, intuition, higher self, and anything beyond that for you. Wendy guides you to develop your self-leadership and self-ownership so you can cultivate a life that is in better alignment with yourself.

A child of divorce, two divorces of her own, 2 bankruptcies, loss of a child, surrounded by addiction and toxic behaviors, owned and operated several successful businesses … Wendy speaks from experience. No matter what you’ve been through, everything is repairable.  The decision on how to move forward ultimately rests with you, but Wendy can guidance and support as you navigate your desired path forward.

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