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Event Coordinator & Event Planner, Tonni LeaMeet Tonni Lea, a professional event planner and event coordinator based in Waco, Texas. She plans and coordinates incredible events so you can focus on what matters most while she expertly manages the details!

Tonni specializes in planning conferences, webinars, personal development events, and gatherings for corporate or religious groups. She also organizes women’s seminars, men’s seminars/spa days, and corporate retreat planning.

Event Planner Services Provided

Tonni handles everything from setting the date and time for your venue or event to marketing each event through social media and venue markets. She interviews and coordinates each speaker or presenter, collects the needed information and marketing tools, obtains sponsors and donors, and sets up preferred marketers. She acquires all necessary vendors or production personnel and equipment, collects prizes and gifts for giveaways, and coordinates and supplies everyone with a schedule. Additionally, she produces all required documents for guests, locates and books vendors, checks in guests, speakers, or VIPs, and closes out the event.

Types of Event Coordination She Offers:

Tonni plans and organizes all types of events, ensuring that every detail is taken care of to ensure their success.


As a professional event coordinator, Tonni Lea brings unparalleled expertise and creativity to every conference she manages. Whether you’re hosting an industry-leading summit or a specialized academic symposium, Tonni ensures every detail is meticulously planned and beautifully executed. With a keen eye for innovative themes and a commitment to seamless logistics, she transforms ordinary gatherings into memorable experiences. Trust Tonni to elevate your conference as an event planner, engage your attendees, and surpass your organizational goals, making every event successful.


Webinars are a powerful tool for engagement and learning, and Tonni Lea is your expert guide to harnessing their potential. With her extensive experience in digital event coordination, Tonni ensures that every webinar is informative but also interactive and engaging. From selecting cutting-edge technology platforms to managing live Q&A sessions, she handles all aspects to deliver a seamless virtual experience. Partner with Tonni to create impactful webinars that connect experts and audiences worldwide, fostering knowledge exchange and professional growth.

Corporate Meetings

Tonni Lea specializes in orchestrating corporate meetings that are as productive as they are polished. With a proven track record in facilitating high-level discussions and networking events, Tonni expertly manages everything from venue selection to technology integration, ensuring each meeting runs smoothly and efficiently. Her approach is tailored to meet each client’s unique needs, fostering an environment that promotes collaboration and decision-making. Choose Tonni Lea for your corporate meetings to experience flawless execution that aligns with your company’s strategic objectives.

Religious Gatherings

Tonni Lea understands the profound significance of religious gatherings and brings a respectful and thoughtful approach to planning these special events. Whether it’s a spiritual retreat, a worship service, or a community celebration, she ensures that each gathering honors the congregation’s sacred traditions and cultural nuances. With her expertise, Tonni coordinates venues, schedules, and logistics with sensitivity and precision, creating a harmonious atmosphere that enhances the spiritual experience. Trust in Tonni Lea to bring reverence and meticulous care to your religious events, facilitating moments of reflection, connection, and celebration

Live Masterminds

Tonni Lea excels in orchestrating live mastermind events that spark innovation and foster deep professional connections. With a flair for creating intellectually stimulating environments, she brings together thought leaders and industry innovators for sessions that are not only engaging but also transformative. Tonni manages every aspect, from curating inspiring content to ensuring smooth logistical execution, making each mastermind a hub for breakthrough ideas and collaborative success. Elevate your next live mastermind event with Tonni Lea’s expert coordination, and watch as your vision becomes an impactful reality.

Book Collaborations

Tonni Lea brings a unique blend of creativity and organizational prowess to book collaboration projects. Whether facilitating workshops for co-authors, organizing book launch events, or coordinating promotional tours, she ensures every detail is perfectly aligned with the authors’ vision and the publisher’s goals. Her comprehensive approach covers everything from venue selection to audience engagement, making each collaboration not just successful, but memorable. With Tonni Lea at the helm, authors can focus on their creative process, confident that the logistics of their collaboration are in expert hands.

Class Reunions

Tonni Lea excels in crafting unforgettable class reunions that rekindle old friendships and celebrate shared memories. With a passion for creating joyous and nostalgic events, she meticulously plans each reunion to reflect the unique spirit and history of the class. From selecting the perfect venue to arranging entertainment that strikes a chord with every attendee, Tonni ensures that every aspect of the event is thoughtful and engaging. Entrust your class reunion to Tonni Lea and watch as she turns your once-in-a-lifetime gathering into a cherished milestone.

Family Reunions

Tonni Lea specializes in bringing families together with heartwarming and memorable family reunions. She is an event planner with a deep understanding of the importance of family bonds, she expertly orchestrates events that cater to all ages, ensuring that each family member feels included and celebrated. From choosing accessible venues to planning fun-filled activities that span generations, Tonni’s meticulous attention to detail creates a welcoming atmosphere that strengthens familial ties and creates lasting memories. Let Tonni Lea handle the intricacies of your family reunion so you can focus on reconnecting and making new memories.

Choose Tonni Lea as Your Event Planner—Here’s Why:

Being the event planner and host of The Healing Conference has been a passion project for Tonni Lea, which she has poured her heart into. This dedication is at the core of all her services, ensuring that every event is managed with the utmost care and exceptional attention to detail. With years of experience, from orchestrating her own high school reunions to successfully running conferences, Tonni brings a wealth of knowledge and a robust network of contacts to every project.

When you choose Tonni Lea as your event planner, you’re not just hiring someone to manage an event; you’re partnering with a professional committed to making your event outstanding. This allows you to engage more deeply with your speakers and guests, fostering lasting connections that will bring them back for future events and turn them into advocates for your brand.

Let’s create memorable experiences together. Hire Tonni Lea as your event coordinator in Texas or wherever your next event will be!

Tonni Lea