Professional Speaker Reel

A professional speaker reel can help potential clients or event hosts see what you are capable of, showcasing your speaking style, and can be a great marketing tool.

Having a professional speaker reel can help you get more speaking engagements. Having a professional speaker reel can be a great marketing tool to help promote your speaking business.



Order a professional speaker reel from Grand Junction 3D at a massive discount when you speak at a Tonni Lea event! M. Curtis McCoy will record professional video footage of you speaking on multiple cameras and send it to be professionally produced into a speaker sizzle reel for you after the conference is over.

A professional speaker reel is a great way to showcase your speaking experience and demonstrate your ability to engage with an audience. It allows you to create an impactful first impression on conference organizers or other interested parties who may be looking for a speaker.

A professional speaker reel can also help you stand out from the competition. Additionally, having a professional speaker reel can help engagingly capture your message, allowing you to draw in viewers and make them remember what you said long after the presentation has ended.

When you speak at a Tonni Lea event, you can have Grand Junction 3D record professional footage of you speaking from multiple cameras. This footage will be shot in high-definition with the latest camera technologies, allowing for crystal clear, detailed visuals. This will give a more professional and polished look to your speaking reel, and switching between scenes allows your speaker reel to show audience interaction.

Why add b-roll footage to a professional speaker reel?

Adding b-roll footage to your professional speaker reel can add an extra layer of depth and professionalism and improve the overall viewing experience. B-roll, also known as cutaway footage, is any additional video footage that can be used in addition to the main content of your speaker reel. This type of footage often includes shots of the audience or venue, close-ups of speakers or presenters, or other supplemental images that help to set the context for a particular presentation.

Using B-roll footage not only adds a more visually appealing element to your professional speaker reel but also enhances your story and makes it more engaging. It can provide viewers with additional insight into what was being discussed and provides better evidence of your speaking skills. Furthermore, B-roll allows you to keep viewers engaged throughout your entire video.

Including relevant B-roll footage in your professional speaker reel will make it stand out from others by providing an extra level of detail that may otherwise be missing. This attention to detail will give you an edge over competitors using similar speaking reels without supplemental footage and make you appear more polished and professional. Having access to multiple angles and perspectives on a single topic will also allow you to demonstrate more effectively your ability to handle different topics in various ways while still conveying key messages clearly at each event.

What is a lower third, and why do you need one?

A lower third is a graphic at the bottom of a video and typically contains information about the person or subject on screen. It usually includes the name of the person speaking, your title, role, company affiliation, or any other relevant information. Lower thirds can also display additional information that further supports and contextualizes what is being discussed in the video.

Using lower thirds in your professional speaker reel can help you to make a stronger impression on your viewers. It allows you to present more detailed information about yourself and your organization which would otherwise be difficult to convey in a short time frame.

Adding lower thirds to your professional speaker reel will also give it a more polished look and make it stand out compared with other speaking reels. It will help viewers stay engaged and focused on the content delivered by allowing them to quickly understand who is speaking and what position they hold within their organization or event.

Furthermore, using well-designed lower thirds in conjunction with b-roll footage can provide viewers with an even more dynamic viewing experience, helping them better understand what is being discussed in relation to the visuals shown.

How much extra does it cost?

Tonni Lea has a special agreement with M. Curtis McCoy & Grand Junction 3D, who will record and submit your professional speaker reel without charging extra for adding b-roll footage or lower thirds. It’s all included in your professional speaker reel!

Professional Speaker Reel