Bill Griffith

Bill Griffith is a football coach & inspirational speaker. He is also host to Podcast, Cope Hope or Dope.

Bill Griffith has over fifteen years of experience coaching college and high school football. Over the last five years, he has been privately coaching young men privately and assisting them with their recruiting process to college. Bill has always been able to motivate with his high energy before officially launching his coaching career. He spent nearly five years as an emcee and voice-over artist in the northeast part of the country, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.
Bill has drastically changed his motivation and public speaking approach over the past couple of years due to a separation from his wife and kids due to his battle with his addictions. Coach Griff, as most of his students and clients refer to him, he has found an inner awakening of mind, body, and soul he shares with his audiences. Bill started a podcast entitled Cope Hope or Dope that gives people a blueprint for re-directing their life to the highest version of themselves—going beyond their self-limiting behaviors or negative thoughts.

The podcast and his Cope Hope or Dope talks break down his approach to being clean, clear, and connected. Bill realized once he got clean, clear, and connected to the source that there was still a problem he had to overcome. His thoughts and feelings about himself were the primary cause of the adverse events in his life. Cope relates to the coping skills he has learned to maintain this higher version of himself. This topic deals with helping the physical part of our being, Creating opportunities in present events. Hope is the spiritual side of ourselves, healing observations pursuing everything. This activity is when we connect to our spirit and use the gifts from the source of all creation. Dope is destroying optimism that is purely evil. Topics in Dope are stories of Bill’s struggles with addictions that have led him down this path of a higher self. Bill’s website is, and you can find him on Instagram @billkgriffithofficial and Facebook,

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