Erik Allen

Erik Allen

Erik Allen is host of the Erik Allen Show

Erik is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Co-founder of  Operation Life | Life & Business Coaching and now helping entrepreneurs get known and noticed online.

Erik came from a broken home, beat up his mom’s boyfriend with a cast iron pan for hitting her when he was 13. Jailed at the age of 18, bankrupt at 21 and battled many addictions. He gave his life to Christ in 2004 and is now breaking chains of divorce, abuse, rejection and addiction. He has been married for 16 plus years, staying in recovery and sober for 16 plus years as well.

He hosts the Erik Allen Show which is ranked #133 on the US Apple Entrepreneur Chart in January 2021. Ranked #202 on the UK Apple Entrepreneur Chart in October 2021. He helps Entrepreneurs get known and noticed online. He has been featured on Nasdaq, Dropping Bombs with Brad Lea, News Wire Magazine and a guest on over 150 podcasts.

His story also contains his routine habits of getting up at 4 a.m. six days a week. Being consistent and getting around the right people, networking, podcasting and more.

You can find him on social media at Erik Allen Media. Please visit his website to learn more about this amazing and gifted man.  Erik Allen Media – Helping Entrepreneurs Get Known & Noticed Online

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