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News Wire Magazine

News Wire Magazine is donating 50% of all revenue generated through the 2022 Healing Conference in Colorado Springs to help fund the next Healing Conference by Tonni Lea.

“It’s an honor to partner with an event that’s doing so much to help damaged people heal their mind, body, spirit, and soul. Sponsoring this event by donating 50% of the revenue generated by News Wire Magazine at this conference seemed like a great way to ensure this conference can continue to grow and benefit additional people in the future!” – M. Curtis McCoy

What is News Wire Magazine?

News Wire Magazine features entrepreneurs, motivational speakers & leaders who are crushing it in life and business. We share stories of people who overcame adversity and, against all odds & become massively successful.

Our content is designed to help our readers learn from the successes and failures of others, so they can apply that knowledge to their own lives and businesses. We offer exclusive interviews, articles, and powerful insights from some of the most successful people on the planet. So whatever your goals may be, we’ll help you reach them!

Personal Branding with News Wire Magazine

Build your personal brand and be recognized as the authority in your field. Being featured on the cover of News Wire Magazine can solidify your personal brand and increase exposure like never before!

When event hosts look for speakers to feature at their events, they’re looking for experts who can teach their audience, but they’re also looking for speakers with a strong personal brand.

  • The more followers you have on social media, the more potential exposure you can provide to their event.
  • If you’re featured in News Wire Magazine and other major publications, search engines can associate the event you’re speaking at with you as a speaker.
  • Hiring speakers with a strong personal brand also boosts ticket sales for event hosts!

To be a highly paid speaker, you must build a strong personal brand!


Example Article

Tonni Lea was recently featured on the cover of News Wire Magazine! Over 70,000 people have read her article at the time of writing this!

How To Be Featured

If you’re looking to build your personal brand as an entrepreneur or motivational speaker, submit your article draft to News Wire Magazine, along with 3-10 photos, and a professional editor will turn your article draft into a magazine article that’s seen by thousands of readers daily.

This type of advertising can provide some of the highest ROI because it reaches such a large audience. When you’re featured in News Wire Magazine, your article will be read by tens of thousands of people, and that’s an audience that’s primed and ready to take action.


The primary readership of News Wire Magazine consists of entrepreneurs, event hosts, podcast hosts, authors, and high-income professionals. Being featured in News Wire Magazine puts you in front of a highly motivated and engaged audience, making it the perfect opportunity to increase your exposure and brand recognition.

Whether you’re just starting out or already an established expert in your field, getting featured in News Wire Magazine can help you grow your personal brand and achieve even greater success!

There are many reasons why motivational speakers should be featured in News Wire Magazine, including the fact that this platform provides them with a large and engaged audience of potential customers. Additionally, being featured can boost their brand recognition and help them connect with more event hosts who may be interested in booking them to speak at future events.

So why wait? Submit your article draft today!

What To Write

When submitting a magazine article, it’s best to submit something beneficial to readers rather than trying to sell yourself or your service. Focus on providing valuable content that will help your audience achieve their goals.

Your article should be packed with helpful information that will inspire and motivate your readers.

In addition to writing valuable content, be sure to include high-quality photos to accompany your article. People are more likely to read your article if it’s visually appealing.

Being Featured in News Wire Magazine Supports The Healing Conference

As I mentioned at the start of this article, M. Curtis McCoy will donate 50% of all proceeds generated at this event back to The Healing Conference, so we can continue hosting future events! If you plan to be featured to grow your brand, you can also support this incredible conference!

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